at night, the ice weasels come

Cas is currently

I give up.
It’s been a long relationship for me.
Nearly six months of total fidelity.
I only strayed once, and that was a misguided drunken fling, and I was forgiven.

But things have been rocky for a while now, and the time has come to face facts and admit that we have grown apart.
We have different goals in life.

I want a some excitement with some oomph between the sheets.
He wants lazy evenings in, watching the footy, with me bringing him meals and letting him off the washing up.

It’s over.

We will always have the memories, of when it was new and exciting, learning new things about each other.
We’d wake up together, have a lazy breakfast in bed, with fresh coffee and tea. We’d have a laugh over the funnies, cry over the disasters.
Now I’m lucky to get a line out of him in the morning, and as for a beverage? Instant is all I get these days.

He has to go.

~ * ~

I really hate having to admit defeat, but I need a new RSS aggregator.
The new release of Newsfire is buggier than an ant-farm, won’t let me view more than three feeds before crashing, and is generally starting to piss me off with its incessant calls for registration (and a largish chunk of money I don’t have to spare right now), and limiting me to just 25 feeds.

So, if any one knows of a really nice aggregator that works (on a Mac), is free, doesn’t have a limit on the number of feeds I can subscribe too, and looks nice, can they share please!

WARNING: I am picky about my user interfaces. I know I shouldn’t care, but a certain elegance of design is important to me, and for some reason browser-based aggregators just don’t get me going, though I am prepared to make an exception if it’s a really good one. The UI should be simple, useable with the keypad (ie arrows to move back and forward through feeds, a hot key to open the feed in the browser), and if it supports grouping of feeds, and a ‘new items’ list all the better…

And yes, I know that Firefox lets you subscribe to feeds, but see my above comments about browser-based. That, the whole having to scroll through bookmarks thing, and that Firefox is just too slow and processor-hogging for me on the Mac, and it just doesn’t fit the bill. Sorry.

I do figure that software is one part in your life where you are allowed to be unfaithful on occasion. So, all you geek-fiends out there, what have you got for me? Cas is in need of some RSS-lovin’…