all the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed

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Oooch (as certain Scottish relatives would say) I have been neglecting you something wrotten lately, haven’t I? Leaving you without even the comfort of the Sunday Roast. I was all set and then… didn’t get around to it.

Before I leave you alone with the best of the rest, I would just like to go :O at the rapid uptake of RSS among bloggers out there. There’s some research which I won’t go into now which sets the figure at only 12% of Internet users having heard of RSS and only 4% knowingly use it (though around 27% use RSS without knowing what the frell it is). Whatever the figure, in the last few months the list of people who are classed as ‘non-RSS’ in my bookmarks has rapidly gone down from 50 to four. Yes, four. I won’t name-and-shame them (yet). I was just rather impressed by the rapid level of uptake of RSS. Then again, I have a feeling that blogger (and other platforms) now have RSS turned on as standard, and most people aren’t even aware of what this RSS malarky is. Still, I’m not complaining – it lets me know when a given blog has new content, and often means I don’t have to leave my aggregator to view that content, which was great when I was in dial-up/non-wireless internet hell up till the other day.

Whilst I leave you thinking about that, have at the following as well:

Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary

Christian children’s colouring book from 1954. Way to teach inclusion and acceptance!

* Dr Atomic opera. A nuclear bomb themed opera… odd, but apparently really rather good.

40 Year Old Penguin Exorcism

Tit Bits.

Distraction. I hear what the man says!

Zombie Worms. For the CC, the man who can get the phrase ‘real zombies’ and ‘real vampires’ into the conversation.

* David Pogue’s iPod Video review. The man acutally walked into a steel girder during the review! LOL!

Paltrow bemoans life in Britain. If life in Britain is so bad, why does she live here?

Pittsburgh unprepared for full-scale zombie attack. From Minion Moose.

US Chicken in jaywalking fine. Only in the States.

Flock. Not used it yet – really should be doing things other than playing with new toys, but when the thesis is over, I will behaving a look.

The Family Stone trailer. I don’t know why, but I want to see this film.

Propellerhead. For all you Windows people out there, this man has some VERY good tips and tricks.

Disposable Scrabble Game. Because you never know when the urge to play Scrabble will strike.

All Your Base Rhapsody. So, so, sooooo very funny!

Guiness Evolution ad. You know what? This isn’t even a thing over here. We don’t care.