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Because I am devoted to you, my readers, and I enjoy trying to find new and exciting ways for you to interact with the blog, I have added a new way to subscribe to the site: email.

I am a fan of RSS, never more so than when I was in dial-up/illegal wi-fi hell during the move when I could get all my daily reading downloaded into Vienna then read offline at my leisure. But I am aware that many out there, for numerous reasons, don’t use RSS.

Well. trying to be helpful as ever, I’ve got me Feedblitz, so now if you want a non-RSS way of getting the blog delivered, just pop your email address into the box in the sidebar, press the button, et voila.

As always, it’s a work in progress. If it doesn’t work let me know. Conversely, if it does work and you love it, let me know as well.

The bit in the sidebar looks like this:

To subscribe by email, enter your address

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