don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. it’s already tomorrow in australia

Cas is currently help smilie

Things have, if anything, go even more insanely hectic this week. An actual hand-in date is 90% confirmed for Monday/Tuesday (ie tomorrow or the day after). As a result, forgive me if I go gibber quietly in the corner whilst you have fun digesting the Sunday Roast (and don’t forget the leftovers).

How to back up your blog. I’m in the midst of transfering servers and blogging platform, and it suddenly dawned on me today the sheer amount of data I stand to loose if it all goes wrong. Whilst the majority of my posts can go hang for all I care, I can think of at least five I really wouldn’t want to loose. Then along comes this timely post…

Frog Design Mind: Accessibility. Once again a blog that does in one post what I spend an entire thesis-chapter on. Ah well. I keep having to explain to people why accessibility isn’t just for disabled people. Now, I can just point them in the direction of this post and be done with them. Hurrah!

Sony BRAVIA bouncing balls advert. I finally saw this in the cinema last weekend and was, I admit it, impressed. Both the CC and Moose are determined that it is CGI. It isn’t. Really, really it isn’t. UPDATE: when seen on an IMAX screen, even more impressive.

10 Key Ingredients of a Great Blog. I’m not sure I want to know how people think I compare to these ingredients… Still, they are as good a way as any other to try and evaluate if a new blog is any good. I’m in two minds about this one. Part of me thinks that it could work really well, but a large chunk of me is worried about not having control over the posts that get automatically added to my blog. I mean, just because *I* tag something “design” doesn’t mean everyone else uses that tag in the same way (which is one of the big downsides to tagging anyway). As I said, I’m on the fence. I’ve flagged this one up for a personal “go play when not tearing hear out over polishing chapters”, so expect feedback soonish.

Plushie Magical Trevor. Oh. My. God. I sooo want one! All together now “everyone loves magical trevor…”

Boing Boing: Gang drugs victims with a kiss. Even if this is a hoax, it’s so very funny, if only because it happened in Firefly! (the ‘Our Mrs Reynolds’ ep if you are curious)

Literary classics become txt msgs. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is (to me) even worse than the bible-in-sms-form I mentioned a few weeks back. *breaks down into tears of inconsolable misery and frustration* I love Pride and Prejudice and have read it through more times than I care to admit, and I wouldn’t have got the plot from their sms-summary. *wails*

My brain on This is a very groovy program that takes your tags and creates a visualization – items with more links are larger. I’m not entirely sure how the positioning works, but I suspect that tags that often appear together on an item are located closer together. Pretty amazing. Such a simple idea, so elegantly implemented, and a rather accurate mapping of my cognitive space. Not surprisingly, sundayroast is HUGE in the image. (Click on the link to see the real-time version, which allows you to click on any of the tags in the image and go directly to my list of links in that category).

safari bookmark exporter. One thing that has kept me from making firefox my default browser is the sheer weight of bookmarks I would have to wrest from Safari’s grip. I found this wonderful program today, and voila! 30 seconds, and I had all my bookmarks in FF, with the same folder structure, the same bookmarklets, everything. Sweet.

More HD-DVD/Blu-ray madness. It’s been so long now, I honestly can’t remember what the differences between these two are. I do have a vague feeling that I was coming down on the side of Blu-ray, but that might just be because the name is groovy. Oh, and they’re the square ones, right? Either way, I wish they would get their arses in gear and sort it out. I’m getting real old waiting over here. *grump*

blogher: True or false: Do “women warm the podcast bench”? I’m not a podcaster and I doubt I ever will be, but this did get me all riled up. There’s this one quote in the linked article “cool mediums tend to attract guys at first”… Grrr. Anyway, read it all for yourself, make up your own minds, then be nice to any female tech people you might run into, because we are starting to get a bit miffed at being overlooked, and we don’t let you stare at our breasts when we are mad. You have been warned wink smilie

Feel the Bra*climbs up off the floor where she was laughing so much* *wipes a tear from her eye* I think every woman out there is just sniggering at this point, and most men should be taking notes. Oh, and no, I won’t be sharing any of my own bra stories today. Last time didn’t end too good. Way to spoil everyone’s fun, anonymous smilie tongue

Laser-etched designs on your powerbook. Oh my good god, this looks divine. Can you imagine what a penguin would look like? *sobs with jealousy*

drawgirl. Oh, I wish, I wish I had this sort of talent.

Microsoft Technology Preview – flickr set. Do take the time and view this set of 52 pictures, and read the comments. The degree of vitrolic hatred voiced in some of the comments shouldn’t have surprised me (this is Microsoft after all, we’ve all done it), but it did. There’s a couple of slides in there that should be labeled “how not to do a powerpoint presentation”. Confusion much!