i got a smile on

Cas is currently… smile smilie

I’ve been trying to come up with a shiny logo for the header-section of the new blog design. Just to let you in on a little secret – I suck at design. I know what I like, but lack a single original bone in my body. This has, understandably, hampered me in my search for a new logo.

Then I, quite unexpectedly, ended up in a mutual link-love-fest with the good people over at Successful Blog and discovered that I seem to already have a logo (I am now an SOB apparently).

brightmeadow.blogspot logo

So it’s a bit basic, but I prefer to think on it as elegant, which is what I’ve been aiming for with the rest of the design. I seem incapable of being stripped-back, minimal, or elegant in real life, so it’s nice to think I can manage a little bit of it in my virtual life.

Just occasionally, it takes someone you weren’t expecting to make you look at old things in a new way, to make you appreciate what you have, and to make you sit up and take notice of what you might have forgotten in the rush.

It might be someone who, on a day you were feeling down, unexpectedly says they’ve always liked your smile. It might be an email from a reader who says “you made me laugh today, thank you”. It could be something as simple as the girl in the checkout saying “your hair looks nice”. Or it could be your supervisor saying “I love what you’re doing, every thing is going to be fine”.

So what has made you sit back and go “oh” lately? What made you stop, smile, and make a tiny re-evaluation in the way you view the world?

And because I don’t say it enough, you are all lovely people, and thank you for letting me entertain you for a few minutes in your day.