the French don’t believe custard exists

Cas is currently… smilie

This post is a shout-out to the Brainy Snail. Yes, I am alive and no, my computer hasn’t blown up. It’s been a close run thing on both counts, but we’re hanging in there. Just.

If you all will care to look down at the Blogstalking section of the sidebar (or if you are reading this in RSS, here) you will see that we have had visitors from Santiago, Chile. Welcome 🙂 That’s visitors from every major continent now. Woot! If you know of anyone in obscure and far-flung places of the world (bear in mind I am in the south of the UK, so pretty much everywhere is far-flung), please let them know about Bright Meadow. I need more readers east of Germany and south of Greece. Ok, so I don’t need exactly, but it would be nice. Consider that your Minion Task of the Week tm.

Todays word is lassitude: lack of vitality or energy, which is pretty darn accurate for a random word. I am going to take it as a sign that todays post doesn’t have to be either very long, or very interesting. Toodles.