you were busy trying to get yourself lit on fire. it happens

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I was going to have small grump today about the inaccessibility of the Southampton County Council’s website and how stupidly set up their online payment pages are.

But you are to be saved from this fate worse than death because of my inability to download Firefox 1.5.

Whilst this has no actual impact on my daily life (I use Safari still, despite repeated efforts to switch to FF, and me persuading everyone I know to use it), it has bugged me. I want to switch to FF, and from all I’ve heard, 1.5 is going to be the release to do it for me. So the first day of release and… I can’t get it. The links to the Mac OS X (en-us) localisation are broken. All of them. Even the ftp links. And no, I am *not* desperate enough to download the tarball and build it from scratch. I want my nice .dmg file! *wah!* Naughty Mozilla foundation not making sure it all worked before going live. According to the forums, they are “working on it”.


If anyone has a solution to this problem, let me know please!

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