octopuses like to pretend to be coconuts in their spare time

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Just a few little things to say today.

1) You don’t notice how much you come to rely on things until you can no longer use it. Case in point – I hadn’t realised how important del.icio.us had become to me until it suffered a little hiccup this morning and wouldn’t let me access it. All is well with the world once more, but it did illustrate one problem with web-served applications – when they go wrong are kinda stuck till someone can go prod the server that is perhaps the other side of the world to you.

2) If you need a laugh, go and view the Wikipedia article on scientology. They have their own cruise ship, upon which they reveal the greatest secrets of their religion. That, and there’s something about a walrus that cracked me up good and proper.

3) I’m in something of a quandary. Do I merge my Yahoo! and my Flickr identities? I know I am going to have to at some point, but I am trying to postpone the inevitable. Yahoo! really really doesn’t like me, and what is more, the feeling is mutual.
Case in point, before you can get POP access for a Yahoo! email account, you have to sign up for Yahoo!Delivers. This is a service I don’t want or need. You can get around it by just not selecting any boxes on the sign up page, but that in and of itself is silly – You have to sign up for this service on this page before you can get POP access for your email account, but you can get around it by not signing up for any part of this service on this page… Slightly idiotic. Oh, and when someone adds you to their “friends” list on Y!IM, it sends you an email. That takes five minutes to arrive. What happened to a nice pop-up a la Messenger saying “Jim Smith has added you to his friends list. Would you like to add him?” and *bam* 15 seconds later you can both be talking.
No, Messenger is no better, especially lately when it’s been lagging something awful and secretly booting me off while saying I am still online, but…

4) One thing Yahoo! are doing quite nicely at the moment is Yahoo! Answers. A wonderful, wonderful way to wile away the hours. You never know what you are going to see asked and answered next. Why, just the other evening I learnt more than I ever needed, indeed wanted, to know about how to shave your balls… I am sorry to burst your happy bubble, but I am not talking about sports equipment here either.

5) In my ongoing quest for the oddest search that has brought someone to Bright Meadow, I have a new offering: Girl + Noodle.
If the Girl + Noodle searcher is reading this, then welcome. I hope you found what you came looking for, and if you feel like sharing that with the group, well, we’re listening.

That’s it. Toodles 🙂

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  1. Well, I had this here plugin that added the title of the page to the comment in the rss feed… but i had a sneaking suspicion that that feature already came installed in my theme, so i disabled the plugin to see if I was right.

    And I was.

    I’m still working the kinks out of the design as you can see.

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