I look like Rita Hayworth!

Cas' Rita Hayworth match on Flickr Browsing the wilds of the Internet this morning, looking for something to blog about as I am wont to do, I stumbled across MyHeritage thanks to Profgrrrrl. A deep and meaningful tool, to be sure, but one corrupted mercilessly by me to see what celebrities me and mine look like, and I have to say, turns out I’ve got some pretty good looking Blog Minions.

Me: As well as Rita Hayworth, I get Avalance Face herself (Katie Holmes), Hilary Duff, and Drew Barrymore, depending on the photo used. I also got Elton John at one point, but I blame that on the glasses 😐

Moose: Sofia Coppola. Rather appropriate given her love for film.

Spooky: George Clooney. Yes girls, I had a George Clooney lookalike on the course. And I end up dating…

… the CC: who looks like Linus Pauling (whoever that is). Though on a second run through I did get a 45% Brad Pitt match, so the program must know something after all 😉

Brainy Snail: A bit Paris Hilton, but don’t hold that against her. I only had one face-on shot that the system would recognise and I don’t think it is fair to blame the Snail for that misfortune.

Bimbostar: Got a bit of a Sophia Loren thing going on.

Who do you look like? Comment on the post, and even better, get yourself a free Flickr account upload a screenshot, and tag it “myheritage“. That way we can all share 🙂

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11 thoughts on “I look like Rita Hayworth!

  1. Hi Cas, I was introduced to your site by Cog and Jess. I tried the My Heritage link, plus I’m interested in geneology, so I saved the link. My look-a-likes were

    Gary Cooper
    Getulio Vargas
    Keanu Reeves (and this one I’ve been told before)
    Karl Marx
    Gary Kasparov
    Louis De Fones
    Boris Yeltsin
    Josef Stalin

    Anna Kournikova
    Shania Twain
    Sandra Bolluck
    Cate Blanchett
    Sharon Stone
    Alicia Keys

    I was surprised by the Russian look-a-likes, because I have zero Russian in me. Heh. Anyhow, I bookmarked your site for future referral 😉

  2. Hey Eric 🙂
    I’d keep quite about the Josef Stalin look-alike if I were you. Though I’m dubious about the whole nationalities thing – the CC keeps kicking up German look a-likes and he’s Argentinian! And me looking like Katie Holmes?! I mean come on! I also got Jennifer Aniston when I tried it again today. Something ain’t quite right with their algorithms.

    Anyway, it was lovely to see you around the Meadow Eric, and I hope you pop your nose in again soon.

  3. Seriously, I think I do see Katie Holmes and, most of all, Drew Barrymore in your complexion. 😉

    That’s a good thing. 😀

  4. Well I wish I could see it

    (No, that wasn’t a call for a barrage “of course you look like these moviestars Cas” comments. I have no desire to look like them. I’m quite happy being me thank you very much. I mean, who wants to be mobbed on street corners? If I was that pretty I’d be spending half my days wiping off the drool from my admirers. No thank you!)


  5. According to my mother I’m the spitting image of a distant German relative, so that might explain my German-features.

    I have to say Cas, this is probably the best thing you have ever linked to. Or the worst. It is curiously addictive!

  6. I’ve just abused their website by uploading a capuchin monkey. Apparently he looks like Ambrose Bierce.

  7. I’ve hired a troop of monkeys to protect me from penguin attacks, they’ve been issued with sharp sticks for that very eventuallity. Unfortunately they don’t make much effort, although to be fare I only pay them peanuts.

    I was going to end my post there but I now have an image in my head. Imagine, if you will, a vast Lord of the Rings type battle, monkeys and penguins locked in an epic struggle.

    Ok I’m stopping now.

  8. You, sir, are a genius whose praises I cannot sing high enough!

    :thumbup_tb: :lol_tb: :lol_tb: :thumbup_tb: :lol_tb: :lol_tb: :thumbup_tb:

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