Stowe Boyd – your wish is my command

(I was going to ‘Roast the following, but it’s a long time till next Sunday, and the link is possibly a bit too serious and grown-up for that anyway).

Finding someone whose voice makes sense to you, is a rare thing in this brave new world where everyone and their pet monkey thinks they can craft a sentence, despite glaring evidence to the contrary.

So, when one of the Few *1* asks for your help, well, the least you can do is give the guy a link: – Stowe Boyd’s new blog, /Message .

Go here if you want intelligent rants (yes, that is possible), about all things social/computing/collaboration/society, and let’s not forget, my favourite “Web 2.0” *2* I’m not saying my link’s going to get him much more traffic, nor do I think my assistance is really required, but I’m working on the principle of every little helps here. The chap gave me valid things to think about in the Demon Thesis, so not to link seems churlish.

*1*If you can get that literary reference, there’s a cookie in it for you. Back
*2*That’s a Research Rant that will be coming in a few days or so. Back

Stowe Boyd