Just had a very hairy thirty seconds – for a moment I thought that my ENTIRE mail database had upped and deleted itself for no reason. Luckily, it was just Mail having a hiccup – restarted the program and all is happy again. Don’t think that just because it is a Mac, you’re not going to have heart-in-mouth moments. You have them, just a lot less often than with a PC (consequently, they seem that much worse when they DO happen!)

If you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go have a small gibber in the corner. I’ll be fine in a moment.

2 thoughts on “Gulp

  1. Hey Josh.

    Now I look back in the sober light of day I am reminded of webmail.
    In fact, now I think about it, of the ten email accounts I’ve got coming through Mail, seven are webmail (six of those gmail – 😉 ). Two others I don’t actually use, leaving just one (my uni one) to get hot under the collar about. And even that, I could probably recover, if I was willing to go ten rounds with the ISS department.

    Hey, it’s not so bad after all. I like you Josh, you can come again 😀

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