My Chinese Horoscope

Finally got around to chasing down a Chinese horoscope for myself. I’m a dog (- yes, the CC made all the possible jokes this morning, I assure you), and according to this horroscope

  • My relations are volatile this year
    – does this mean my relationships, or my family? Cause, yeah, me and the Big Bro fight like cat and dog sometimes.
  • I have to drive carefully
    – I don’t have a car right now, and frankly, this isn’t making me want to get one any time soon!
  • Beware of legal conflicts
    – Ok, ok! I admit it! I was going to try and emigrate illegally! I’m sorry Mr Horoscope man, I’ll be good, I promise…
  • Do not change jobs or start a new business
    – Um, does getting a job when you’ve been a student for the past six years strictly count as “changing” jobs? Because if it does, I’m screwed.
  • I need to watch out for my liver and gallbladder areas
    – well, I barely drink and I can’t remember what the gallbladder does (or how I look after it), so… meh.

Looks like I’m in for a pretty shitty Year of the Fire Dog, all told. And not just me – the poor CC is doomed to be lonely, overtired, and sick.

Good job I don’t really believe in this sort of stuff really, isn’t it?