A good day.

my new boots! I’ve got a list of things I am going to buy when I have money again (i.e., when I am finally gainfully employed). Yes, I am that anal. Well, I forget things if I don’t write them down!

Number one on my list since about October was these boots. I have chunky calves, which makes finding proper boots that fit me is difficult, so when I found not one but two pairs in Clarks, I was over the moon. Sadly, I could only afford one of the pairs. I’m glad I got them because I’ve worn them most days since, but I’ve lusted after the second pair none the less. The pair I bought were sensible. The pair I had to leave behind were just so pretty! I promised myself that I would get the boots when I finished the thesis as a treat, but I couldn’t afford them then, so restrained myself.

Today I was walking past Clarks and noticed they had a sale on… Yup, the boots I wanted were in the sale! A bit of mental budgeting and some judicious usage of discount vouchers later, I am the proud owner of a pair of boots that should have cost me £80. I paid £25.

I also caught every single bus I wanted to today, completed all my errands, and had some very nice emails from people.
All in all, a good day.
(Don’t forget, you can still Name That Penguin)

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