We’ve Finally Named That Penguin!

The polls are now closed. I hope everyone who wanted to managed to get their vote in on time.

First, the runners-up (in reverse order) are:

  • Aliette, chosen by Cas, with 6.25 % of the vote
  • Pablo, chosen by Moose, with 6.25 % of the vote
  • Optimus Pengu, chosen by the CC, with 6.25 % of the vote
  • Clio, chosen by Spooky, with 12.5 % of the vote
  • Brix, chosen by Dewayne, with 12.5 % of the vote
  • Satanic Penguin of Doom (3), chosen by Joseph, with 12.5 % of the vote
  • Remington, chosen by JB, with 12.5 % of the vote

It brings me great pleasure to announce the winner of the Name That Penguin competition.

Drum Roll Please!

The Bright Meadow Penguin is now called…

Mr Flibble.

I’ll leave RIB to explain the full meaning behind the name (if he wants to), but for me it brings back many happy memories from the Terisia and Castle of Fun days over at WotC.

It’s a great name RIB, and it gives me great pleasure to present to you this special button:
I named the penguin at brightmeadow.co.uk
What you do with it now, well, that’s up to you. I just felt the naming needed some recognition πŸ™‚

Thank you everyone who voted and took part. Now will everyone please stand up, say hello to Mr Flibble, and make him feel at home.

Mr Flibble

15 thoughts on “We’ve Finally Named That Penguin!

  1. *takes a bow*

    Thank you very much for this honour. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible for me. Firstly, I’d like to thank my mom and dad, who made it possible for me to be here in the first place. I’d like to thank my very special lady for being there when I needed her the most. I’d like to thank Cas, for making this honour possible. I’d like to thank my agent, if I had one. Finally, I’d like to thank the British comedy series, Red Dwarf, for without them, there would be no “Mr Flibble”.

    Thank you.

  2. Rock on! I voted for Flibs!
    There’s more behind the name than just a reference to a classic British sci-fi series?! Do tell…

  3. Josh said: (Cas, youÒ€ℒre just bloody weird.)

    Yes, and your point is?

    I embrace the weirdness. That is part of what makes me so special

    JB – there’s more behind the name for me at least.
    Once, way back in the midsts of time, I worked in a shop that sold coffee beans (among other things). Beans were stored in large metal tins about a foot square, and placed on shelves that were hard to reach for teeny me. One day, I’m serving this little old lady, and she wants some beans from a tin on the top shelf. I get on the step, lift down the tin, slip, and drop it so I end up with the pointy bit of a tin full of coffee beans on my head. Out starts to come the “F” word… But at the look on the little old lady’s face, I bit my tongue, and turned it into F…LIBBLE!!!!.
    It became the word to use when proper swearing was not appropriate. Then came lots of late night MSN conversations and ORP, and “flibble” just slipped into our shared vocabulary. Along with “Plink” (the action of contacting someone on IM), “squwibble”, “angrenism”, “eep”, “womble”, “huggle” (like a hug, only better), and “buck wild”. Oh, and “chocolate oranges”. (Those last two have more… connotations… than I want to share on a public blog πŸ˜‰ )

  4. I think the consensus is on him being male. I mean, we did go for MR Flibble after all.

    I guess he can have a nickname…

    And no, I’m not holding a vote for that! You can all fight it out here in the comments.

    I quite like The Flibster…


  5. The Flibbler??

    Ah, Red Dwarf. I loved that programme.

    Anyway, what I really came to comment about was get Cas to tell you all about her and George Lucas’ beard. :wink_ee:

  6. No story there. No story what so ever.


    And Oh. My. God! I must have missed that episode, because I ain’t seen Mr Flibble the deranged killer penguin before.

    I HAVE to add that to my list of reasons why penguins are evil…

  7. I can’t think of anything to add to that.
    Odd is about the only word that springs to mind.
    Where/how do you find all this stuff?!

  8. Unhelpful answer:

    On the Internet.

    To be more specific, a lot of interesting stuff appears on the forums of my favorite computer graphics website (www.cgsociety.org). I first heard of Edward Gorey’s work in a discussion of Tim Burton, and his influences.

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