5 thoughts on “CoCo + Greasemonkey

  1. Awesome, an automagically updated greasemonkey script for coComment makes me happy =) … my site still shows up as ‘untitled’ but hopefully that will be fixed soon. Bring on the new platforms! I like the flickr platform.

  2. Pablo, I was going to pass on the link to Kristin’s fix, then I, remembered that I’d already seen you talk about it, so ignore that!

    I have no idea what I did or how Bright Meadow went from ‘untitled’ to ‘Bright Meadow’. One day I was untitled and all my content was being eaten by TechCrunch… The next, sorted.

    I’d say shoot Merlin and co another email.

    With the greasemonkey script, yeah, it’s great! I’ve installed it, it seems to work, and now I am just going to forget about it. Now that’s the kind of software I like 😀

  3. I love software like that too, the only problem I have ever had with it is that it will work so well, and I will go to another computer … and wonder why on earth it isn’t there. It just becomes are a part of the computer and you don’t even think that it’s an external program! I’ve beaten my head on a desk for hours before because of that =/

  4. Just my kind of software too; I was really surprised about finding someone having gone through the pain of writing one that would leave an endless trail of manual updates. 😉 Really good software should never be noticed, much less require end user maintenance.

  5. To tell you the truth, I’d already forgotten it was there, doing it’s job.

    A really sweet piece of software.

    Everybody, give this man a round of applause – he has more than earned it 😀

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