Sunday Roast: the Canadian was the killer? Oh that’s so un-Canadian…

Small but perfectly formed can, this week, be used to describe both myself and the Sunday Roast:

These iPod cases are quite cute.

This Rubik Cube for the blind is a genius idea! Not that I would have any more luck with this one over the standard colour ones (Curly Durly is the only one in the family who ever cracked Rubik games – but she cracked ’em all. One each holiday throughout my childhood. I think the clock was her favourite… but I digress). Good idea.

Ah, those Canadians… What will they think of next?

There are times in your life you just have to shrug and accept that you are dating a very odd boy. Funny and cute, but odd.

Because who knows when (if) I’m ever going to get a shiny new Mac, here’s some Apple porn pictures of a brand new MacBookPro as it comes out the box.

We live in a crazy world when actors held at the airport under the Terrorism Act.

I think people should stop giving Daniel Craig a hard time. The man is a damn fine actor and, let’s face it, Bond films are not exactly high art now, are they? At least wait for a trail before you condemn the film!

Everything these days seems to have a Creative Commons license slapped on it (at least on the ‘Net), but is it broken?

I’ve been circling round a review of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle for a while now but lacked the skill. Then I found this great review of it on BoingBoing. And then I found a link to an accompanying photoset on Flickr. Good day!

I’m doing temp work right now, so this report is mildly worrying. At the same time, my situation is slightly anomalous because of the nature of the temp-bank I work for. They are the good guys in this story.

And because I like to end with the NYT if I can (not sure why, but it’s become kind of a tradition) – I have to say “bad NYT”. In their review of ‘Doogal’ they make no mention of it having already been released in Europe last year as ‘The Magic Roundabout‘, with a completely different voice cast… Never saw the UK version and apparently it tanked, but still. To not mention it at all? (And researching this movie on IMDB kicked up a few omissions/mistakes in that venerable site!)

Ok, that’s it, I’m done and am off to the supermarket. Morrisons on a Sunday afternoon… I must have done something awful in a past life to deserve this.

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