Sunday Roast: Because in reality you’re a penguin superhero

Which would you rather have, a comment, or a trackback? Personally, I’d rather have comments over trackbacks, but that is because of the type of site Bright Meadow is. Really, I should have both. I just can’t be bothered to get down and dirty with the css at the moment.

Apparently, a hole in the heart is linked to migraine. Now, surely, any hole in your heart is a bad thing? (Other than the four ones you are meant to have of course).

The BBC has a report how different genders have different interests in science. Not surprisingly, men prefer blowing things up, whilst women are more interested in the biology of things. Well, that’s what the study suggests, and fair enough. It’s the fact people are honestly suggesting that lessons should be tailored to the sexes. I mean, come on! I enjoyed blowing things up as much as my brother did when we were growing up. And I enjoyed doing physics A-Level, perhaps more than my chemistry one. Grrrr. Ok, so I was never what you would describe as a normal girl, but still – if you are going to split lessons with regards gender, how are you going to cope with ones like me who don’t fit in? Or ones that are interested in everything, both the ‘boy’ stuff and the ‘girl’ stuff? Wrong, wrong I tell you. My spidy-senses are tingling.

I knew there was a reason I was saving all those AOL cds…

This recipe for chicken and coconut curry looks seriously tasty. Prawns work well in this instead of chicken I’ve discovered.

So it could be considered bad form to Roast one of my own posts, but I don’t want people to miss two wondrous recipes for cheesecakes.

Experts are urging more studies into how iPod headphones could cause hearing loss. Is it just me who thinks this isn’t a new story? I mean, from the very first time I ever got a walkman when I was about three (lots of long car trips, they were the only things that kept me and my brother from killing each other) I was told not to play it too loud. If Mum could hear it in the front seat, it was WAY too loud. I even remember all my walkmen having volume limiters on them. Not a new problem. Silly people.

What wine are you? Moose found this Little Penguin wine and passed the link on to me. I am sure you can guess why. I’m a

Pinot Noir: Smooth and elegant, James Bond and La Femme Nakita could take lessons from you. However, that quick wit of yours masks a sensitive nature that empathizes with other’s needs and always offers a helping hand. And just like the Little Penguin Pinot Noir, that only makes you that much more enjoyable to have around.”

One more cheesecake recipe, this time for Three-Cheese Cheesecake. Yes, at some point I will be trying out all these recipes and letting you know which is best 😀

Ishbadiddle has a piece on what kids should read, as opposed to what is popular. I love Ben Okri’s list, especially the “read the books your parents hate, read the books your parents love” points. I always thank my father for refusing to buy me the Famous Five books when I was younger. It meant I had to save up my meager pocket money to buy every single one. I appreciated them all the more because I had brought them. It started as an act of rebellion, but by book 6 I was buying them because I genuinely enjoyed them. As for reading the books your parents love, it was impossible not to. Every available wall in the house was covered with bookshelves and if ever I wanted something to read, I just had to take one down. Without a doubt my love of SF and fantasy springs from early diets of Asimov, Clarke, and McCaffrey.

William Gibson likes V for Vendetta. I was going to see it anyway, but if Gibson likes it, it must be good 😉

11 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Because in reality you’re a penguin superhero

  1. V for Vendetta is an “uncomfortable” film?!! Yikes! Does this point to a faithful adaptation?


    Probably won’t be released in Japan until doomsday.

  2. An enormous gap!
    The Famous Five were written by Enid Blyton. 21 books all about the adventures of Julian, Richard, Anne, George (who was a girl) and Timmy the dog. They were insufferably good children, foiled all manner of dastardly plots, put across the appalling message that girls were only good for crying and keeping house, and were generally rather silly. At the same time, I loved them!
    Wikipedia has an article

    I really have no idea why I liked them so much, nor why I stuck to my guns when Dad wanted to ban them (he had this irrational distaste for Enid Blyton that a 5/6 year old just couldn’t understand). I did go through this old-fashioned phase – I also swallowed at a gulp every “Chalet School” book by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer I could lay my hands on – so perhaps it was something to do with that.

    In my defense though, I never wanted to be the “Anne” character – she was too much of a ‘girl’. I always wanted to be “George”.

  3. Kind of but Enid’s fantasy plots generally involved pixies stealing your shadows and magic trees. Less dragons and stuff. (Or maybe I’m getting confused.)
    Which curiously ties right in with V for Vendetta – there’s a bit when V is quoting Enid Blyton to Evey. He quotes one of the Magic Faraway Tree stories. Or maybe he’s reading it to her. I can’t remember. And back on that tip – how come Hugo Weaving is credited with two character names in said film on IMDB ?

    hmmm. faithful or not faithful. how will Alan Moore fans take it….? wait n see. (possibly til Doomsday, Serenity has STILL not been released here.)

  4. A bit like Nesbit in the age of the children depicted, but Famous Five was set firmly in the ‘real’ world – whilst the kids did fight of robbers and pirates and things, they were ‘real’ pirates and robbers. I seem to remember lots of story lines involving gypsies and carnivals.

  5. I’m seeing it on Wednesday, so I’ll let you know – but in the book you get a bit of the pre-V character, so that might be why he’s billed twice.

  6. Ah, but said character had not a name… Anyway, its Thursday now – expecting a lengthy post about the nuances and subtexts etc. etc. 😀

  7. Um, lengthy review… right… Go badger Moose. She’s the reviewer in the house 😀

    Great movie though!

    And oh, my theory was wrong by the way. Not going to tell you why Hugo Weaving is billed twice, but it wasn’t my suggestion.

  8. I do hope it isn’t an exposition piece. I hate exposition. What has happened to development? this is where lost fell on its arse… uh-oh I feel a rant coming on.

    Off to bed. Much safer.

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