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Just watched Battlestar Galactica (the mini series that sets up the remade series) and was wondering – if all their paper has the cut-off corners (and what a waste that is, btw), why don’t their books have cut-off corners as well?

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  1. What really pissed me off was Lee Adama using chopsticks in a recent episode. Did the 12 colonies really evolve so as to be so similar to our own world? A Chinese takeaway after a tough day (delete spoiler) erm, doing stuff around the fleet? Jeez Louise, as Homer Simpson (and probably some cartoon character from a show in the 12 colonies) would say. Ach, suspension of disbelief, where art thou?

  2. sorry, I just realized how pointlessly off topic that was. Never mind, eh?
    Maybe they use rounded corner stuff for everyday use because of a law passed so as schoolkids couldn’t injure themselves. Books don’t have to have rounded corners because there’s a special law in existence which classes books as a dangerous weapon if launched at people, so they’re not dangerous because everyone follows that law.

  3. Loving your rational as to the rounded corners!

    Daddy Adama used chopsticks in the miniseries as well. I think the whole parallel evolution is something you are supposed to overlook. Also, this whole “let’s go make Earth our home” thing – what if the people of Earth don’t want you there?

    I have vague memories of the original series, and that always bugged me then.

    And yes, NO spoilers please. I’m not gonna get to see the actual show unless illyna can sneak it out of her house without her SO noticing.

    I did buy Babylon 5 season one yesterday on DVD (damn sales!) much to the Cute Canadian’s disgust, so I can watch that instead till (if) Galactica finds its way into my dvd player.

    Talking of the Battlestar Galactica original series, I know I have a MP3 of the title track lurking somewhere on my hard drive, but can I find it? No. I could have sworn Ash had done a cover, but turns out I might be imagining it. I’d forgotten what a great track it was till they used four or five bars early on in the miniseries, and now I really want to hear the whole thing!

  4. They use ithe theme tune in a later show too, and I cried. (I was drunk.) And you know, downloading isn’t stealing if its the only way you can see the show… Season 2 finale. OH. MY. SWEET. JESUS.

    Seriously. That good.

  5. Enough!
    I expect if I can’t borrow the dvd’s I will get around to buying them at some point in the near future. I’m liking that Calum Keith Rennie is one of the cylons (at least in the miniseries) – Love him as Fake Ray in Due South 😀 And the chappy playing Gaius Baltur looks very familiar, though I can’t place him at the moment.

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