9rules Round Four

The 9rules network has just announced the date of the next round of submissions.

Am I really masochistic enough to do it to myself again?

For shizzle, this time around I’m not hampered by a .blogspot domain, and I’m quietly proud of my loyal readership and minions. My content (even if I do say so myself) isn’t too shabby most of the time, and I think Mr Flibble the Penguin might earn me some brownie points with Scrivs. But do I even want to join a network? Would it hamper my free and independent spirit? (Yes I was laughing as I wrote that bit, worry not).

Seriously, consider the wildly improbable hypothetical for a moment: I get into 9rules. What would I get for becoming a member? The benefits are ever so slightly unclear to outsiders. Everyone says you want to be a member, but they are all very quiet about why. What part of my soul do I have to sign over once I become one of the elite? Will the secret handshake break any of my fingers?

Most importantly, I have to ask myself: why the frell do I even want to get in? There is the ever-so-faint odour of cliques and soroities hanging around 9rules (and places like it). Even geeks have their “cool group” and… the little bullied kid who still lurks inside me wonders why I’m setting myself up for the fall.

That’s my knee-jerk reaction to the announcement. I’m gonna be giving it a lot more thought over the coming month and I really would appreciate all your input, especially seeing as how if (and you’ve got to remember this is about as likely as me ending up dating Johnny Depp) I got in, there would undoubtedly be an influx of visitors on what is (I hope) a place you’ve all grown somewhat attached to.

Think on it though – such an endorsement would be one hell of a fancy rubber stamp saying I’ve got a good blog in Bright Meadow. (Not that I need one, yada yada. I just want one).

5 thoughts on “9rules Round Four

  1. I probably will end up entering, if only for the shits and giggles. As you so rightly say, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    That’s actually a philosophy I’m trying to stick to more in my daily life now. After years of just sitting back and waiting, and quietly despairing when I never get what I secretly want, I’m starting to go for things. Applying for dream jobs I don’t have a hope in hell of getting is my current favourite. It’s all experience, right? Who knows what you’ll miss if you don’t try something?

    Ah, it will be a laugh whatever happens. It’s not as if I’ve got much dignity left to loose now, is it? 😉

  2. At it’s simplest, 9rules is this network of the uber-cool of the blogging world. Well, that’s how it seems sometimes. Most of the members seem like good people, and a lot (but not all) of my favourite sites are members. Being a member seems to get you a lot more readers, and they promise this great community of people behind the scenes…

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