In which Cas gets to play with firemen!

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A little while back, we did a roadshow in conjunction with our local fire service, the idea being we set up shop to sort out our stuff, then they nabbed the pensioners on their way out to talk to them about home safety. Hampshire fire service offer a wonderful service where they will come round to your home, check it over, make sure you’ve got adequate smoke alarms, fit you ones for free if you haven’t, and generally chat to you about home fire safety. The first day we were at the station was rather slow, so we got bullied into signing up for a visit as well.

It could have been worse – firemen, coming to your house… Come on! There’s months worth of fantasies in there if you just think about it! (Not for me so much, never really understood the thing for firemen, but *shrug* takes all sorts to make the world go round).

Anyway, long story short, the visit was scheduled for tonight. Neither Moose, nor I, were really in the mood, but there was no way to cancel and we had a few genuine questions about appropriate fire extinguishing equipment for the kitchen and carbon monoxide detectors.

7.30, the doorbell goes, and there’s three rather attractive firemen standing on my front doorstep (we were expecting an ageing one, because, well, they wouldn’t send around the ones who might get called out, would they?). They introduce themselves, explain that while Liam and Spud have a quick look round to make sure all our smoke detectors are ok, James will chat to us about the home safety stuff. 30 seconds later, before James has even got a chance to explain why it’s safer to leave the kettle unplugged when you’re not using it, the walkie-talkie goes off, and they’re on a call…

5 seconds later, three firemen are sprinting down the road to get to their engine.

3 seconds after that, Cas is leaning out her third storey living room window with the camera and manages to get a picture of the aforementioned firemen, running to their engine.

Hell, it was worth having the visit, if only for that. Had me and Moose in giggles for the rest of the evening!

2 thoughts on “In which Cas gets to play with firemen!

  1. As Cas said, the entertainment value was well worth the hassle of having a home safety lecture. Will we be able to keep a straight face if they come round again??

    (you’ll have to imagine a big cheesey grin at the end of that comment, cos the smileys have gone)

  2. Sorry about the smilies. They were one of the casualties of the “back to basics” drive I am kicking off. I’m still trying to decide what I can’t live without, and what is just pretty wrapping. That, and I was starting to rely far too much on smilies, instead of using full sentences to convey what I was trying to say. Bad Cas, Lazy Cas.

    They’ve not gone gone, just hidden. The standard emoticons still work.
    : ) : ( : ? ; ) : D still get you the usual ( 🙂 🙁 😕 😉 😀 ) for example.

    Or just keep badgering me till I bring back the full list 😀

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