Bright Cast: take four

Seeing as how my bluetooth keyboard has gone on the fritz, time for more of Colin’s story to save on the RSI.

Episode Three of “Salt and Pepper Chess: the Story of Colin”

To listen, just press the pretty pink button below (and be patient whilst it loads). For other instructions, or for the previous instalments of Colin’s Story, go to the the BrightCast page.

(And sorry for the dodgy sound quality. Something went a bit Pete Tong, but this was take twenty or something, and I just couldn’t face recording it again).

powered by ODEO

If you enjoyed that, let me know what you want to happen next in the story. I can’t write this if you don’t give me ideas people!

(The germ of the idea for this part belongs primarily to Moose. And a TV advert. Blame them!)

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11 thoughts on “Bright Cast: take four

  1. Hi, this is more of a wordpress plugin question. how did you get odeo embed in your post? i’ve been trying to find a plugin that allows me to do that but haven’t found anything yet..

  2. Hi Joy,
    Embedding the player in a post is actually pretty easy. All it requires is some code from Odeo’s end, not a plugin at yours. On each audio page, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will find a section marked “Put this audio on your website”. Just copy and paste the code provided, et voila!
    If you don’t like the default styling, you can mess around (a bit) with the code, or (if it is one of your own pieces of audio) there are alternative players available.

    The default code looks something like this:

    <embed src="" quality="high" width="300" height="52" name="audio_player_standard_gray" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="audio_id=1178645&audio_duration=126.253&valid_sample_rate=true&external_url=
    THE SPECIFIC URL OF THE MP3 FILE YOU WANT" pluginspage="" /> </embed> <br /> <a style="font-size: 9px; padding-left: 110px; color: #f39; letter-spacing: -1px; text-decoration: none" href="PUT THE URL OF THE AUDIO YOU WANT HERE"> powered by <strong> ODEO </strong> </a>

    Hope this helps!
    And welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂

  3. Well, the problem is that wordpress doesn’t allow embeded objects in posts. I’ve tried putting in the embed code but it doesn’t show up. I don’t know what I am missing..

  4. I’m at work at the moment Joy, so I can’t look into it. But rest assured you have intrigued me and I will (try) to have an answer for you as soon as possible 🙂

    What’s odd is I’m running WP as well, and I don’t think I’ve got anything special running to let me embed things. As I said, intrigued 🙂

  5. Ok, the *only* thing I can think that I’ve got running in the background is “RunPHP” ( but that’s designed to enable php content in a post, not html.

    I’ve disabled the plugin for now, and it still seems to work fine.

    Honestly, I have never had any trouble embedding html/javascript in a post, be it an odeo podcast or a youtube video. I just copy and paste the appropriate code into the post and it works…

    When you try and embed something (well use odeo for now as an example) how are you trying to do it? You’ve got me really puzzled now! (I like it, it kept me thinking through a very icky day at work 😀 )

  6. When I try to embed anything, like youtube, odeo, google video, the only thing that shows up after saving the post is the link to the service. The flash component doesn’t render or come up at all. I think wordpress has the feature of embeding things disabled, which is why people use plugins that enable embedding video or audio indirectly..

    I don’t know how you can simply put the code in, and it works. I would have thought that you are running something that allows embedding to work and it is not included in the default installation of WordPress. It must be an integrated plugin in your theme if you don’t see a seperate plugin for it..

    I’ve others unable to embed directly too. You must be very lucky ;).

    I don’t know anyone who knows wordpress well enough to tell me how to work with embeded code, unless you can help me out..

  7. Ok, I can see two things that are different on our respective blogs: I’m running WP 1.5.2 still (the whole having to upgrade thing is just too much for me right now. I am bone idle) and using the K2 theme/mod. Now, I hadn’t heard that K2 came ready made with the ability to embed things, but it would be the most likely culprit thinking about it some more.

    I will once again go and mull things over and get back to you with an answer (it might be “I haven’t a clue”, but I do promise you an answer!)

    I will also throw open the question to any minions/minions-in-waiting who might be reading. There’s got to be someone out there who has an idea what the frell is going on here?

  8. thanks Cas! I remember thinking about fixing software glitches for hours on end because I couldn’t see the source of the problem right away. After 4-5 hours, I would realized that I missed something small and usually that was to blame.. I hope someone knows what’s going on..

  9. Ok, I have an answer of sorts for you – turns out, you will need to disable your rich text editor in both the options and author profile.

    This would be why I haven’t noticed a problem: 1) because I don’t have the option in the old install, and 2) because I have this irrational distaste of WYSIWYG editors anyway.

    I found the answer on the K2 support forums so it is possible that this solution won’t work for you, but hopefully it will! was the page I found and it does have some alternative (plugin) solutions if you are deeply enamoured with the rich text editor.

    In the immortal words of… someone… “hope this helps!” and please let us know if it works, or if we have to keep searching 😀

  10. My work here is done 😀
    I’m glad I could help you Joy.

    And now, I need people to tell me what they think should happen next with Colin.

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