Naughty Cas

I do have a genuine follow up post to the whole 9rules round 4 thing, but it kind of got waylaid by fun. I honestly started it – I have the first paragraph and an idea of the whole – and I was going to write it out when I got home from work. Then illyna kind of kidnapped me, fed me lasagne, and gave me penguin wine.

Needless to say, nothing constructive is going to get written this evening. I feel bad.

Watch this truly awesome video instead 😀

7 thoughts on “Naughty Cas

  1. Yes, yes it is my fault. I admit full responsibility.

    …And I’d do it again I tell you! Muahahaha…

  2. How did I just know it was going to be you who broke down first and said something like that?
    *roll eyes*

  3. That video is so rare… I sort of felt sorry for the guy working / trying to ignore the others in the background.
    But none-the-less, good find, did bring a smile to my face 😛
    I would comment on the naughty Cas title, but alas…. I was beaten to it.

  4. Google video and YouTube are certainly great, great inventions. They’ve lightened some very dull days at work. I am in eternal awe and beffudlement as to some of the things people choose to put online. I’m gonna have to do a round up of all the best we’ve found so far 😀

    As for the Chinese Back Street Boys, I have a feeling there is a series of videos, and that chappy is in the background in all of them.

    And why did lip-synching chap One (the skinnier one) have a sock on his hand?

    (I had a private bet going with myself over who would comment on the title first. It was even money between RIB and Surly. I have never known two men with greater capacity for innuendo. It’s a talent.)

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