I’m Not Dead – how I fell in love all over again

I love it when I rediscover an artist I had forgotten about. I used to be a big fan of Pink and for a while had her first album “Can’t Take Me Home” on constant playback. I loved her lyrics, I loved her music, I loved her attitude. I loved that people just couldn’t conceive of me enjoying this music (I was a very, very boring, quiet, and ordinary 18/19 year old who worried far too much about conforming).

Then, as often happens, I just stopped listening to the album. I had other things to listen to and I was just a bit too familiar with the tracks. Pink fell into the blackhole that is my iPod (7GB + of music and I still only listen to about five bands regularly) and, though tracks occasionally would appear on random playlists and I would think “Oh, I love this!”, I somehow never got reacquainted with her music. Two albums (Misundastood and Try This) passed me by. I rarely buy new music, and when I did update my collection it was with Matchbox Twenty, John Mayer, or Jack Johnson. Not Pink.

Then “Stupid Girls” and the I’m Not Dead album were released. I saw the Stupid Girls video and laughed so hard I nearly choked on my cup of tea. Even my brother, one of the most vocal anti-Pink people from the first time around, grudgingly admitted she had a bit of class and was ok. Still this wasn’t enough to make me buy the album. I will willingly impulse buy DVD’s, but for some reason not CD’s. An odd kink in my brain.

But I was in Virgin! on Monday and I had a voucher for £10 of a purchase… I had planned to get the Nerina Pallot album Everybody’s Gone To War but right next to it on the shelf was I’m Not Dead. Nerina Pallot was £7.99. Pink was £9.99 – It was Pink that made it home with me.

Love at first chord.

Once again, I love her lyrics, I love her music, I love her attitude. I love that people aren’t surprised that I like Pink any more (I’ve clearly got over my desire to be overly conforming). What’s more, it is a kick-ass album for the gym. A strong beat that makes it easy to get into a rhythm on the treadmill or cycle, and some wonderfully assertive lyrics that are perfect to keep you going that last 100 metres. Even listening to it now I am jigging in my seat whilst I type and might have to get up in a moment to have a quick dance around my room. In fact…

*dances around the room*

So yes, rediscovering an artist is one of the things in my life I take great pleasure in. And now I’m off to the library to see if they have her middle two albums – chances are, I think I might like them as well.

Oh, and if you get a chance, listen to the track “Dear Mr. President” (or at least find the lyrics online). This is one of the reasons I like Pink – her music isn’t just fun to listen to, it makes you think.

13 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead – how I fell in love all over again

  1. I remember Pink! My Sister loved Misundastood, and was quite surprised to find me holding a small torch for it, too.

    I re-discovered Boards of Canada recently, forgot how awesome they were. Re-discovery is great.

  2. I just got Misundaztood out the library (along with, for my sins, a Shakira and Nelly Furtardo’s latest that caught my eye) so I fully expect for Moose to be heartily sick of listening to Pink by the end of the week 😀

    I’ve never heard of Boards of Canada – what sort of music is/are they?

  3. Shakira and Nelly… That’s just low.

    BOC are quite ambient IDM. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them (again!).

  4. Try and check out the album “The Campfire Headphase”, by Boards of Canada. You might like it. And if you do, proceed to “Geogaddi”.

    Don’t worry about Aphex Twin though – they’re old and busted, like their label, now.

    Sorry, I’ll stop spamming your comments with my music talk, now.

  5. It’s not spam, it’s conversation 😉
    And if I run across that album, I will indeed check it out.

    Not sure if I’ve said this to you or not yet, but welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂

  6. I don’t think you have. I meant to comment in your 9rules entry, but I’m not sure if I actually remembered or not! Either way, I’ve looked back through your archives and found reading quite enjoyable. So belated congratulations are in order, I think.

  7. Well I’m glad you’ve had fun, thank you, and the same right back at ya 😀 (Though I still can’t believe I got selected).

  8. so this is what you were doing when you were allegedly sick yesterday: dancing around your room and chatting.

    um, (hangs head in shame) can I borrow that Shakira cd off you before you take it back to the library?

  9. I reviewed the album on my own blog some time ago if you care to take a peek. Like you, I was and still am very, very impressed. I thought her last album was a bit pants but this one really is fantastic. x

  10. Yes, I was dancing, but in a sick fashion (that is, in a fashion that showed I was unwell, not as in a fashion that was disgusting).

    Yeah, M!ssundaztood isn’t quite floating my boat in the same way. It’s not bad, just not as fantastic.

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