ahh, del.icio.us

I’m starting to rediscover del.icio.us, and I love how it now knows when I tag something ‘research’, I’m likely to also tag it ‘toread’. Ditto when I use ‘collaboration’, ‘socialsoftware’ is presented as a recommended tag.

I like it when software learns and presents sensible choices like that.

5 thoughts on “ahh, del.icio.us

  1. Gone off mag.no.lia (or however it’s written) then? I’m a bit fed up that I am the only one posting to the Japan group at the moment.

  2. Since that post I haven’t actually used Magnolia (as you said, however it’s written). I keep forgetting about it. For that matter, today was the first day since April I used del.icio.us!

  3. I like delicious. Meh, I just leave out the periods when I type it too ’cause I always put them in the wrong places. But yeah, I like its simplicity the same way I like Google and Gmail for its simplicity.

  4. I’ve become a bit paranoid about my del.icio.us bookmarks. Not about what I have in them but that one day they’ll have a huge server crash and they’ll be lost forever.

    Last count I had 538 links in my account – so I’ve taken to backing them up once a week using the export function. So if something does happen I shouldn’t lose too much.

  5. Firstly, welcome Ben and Aaron 🙂

    I was temporarily seduced by magnolia’s prettiness but the fact I signed up a few weeks back and haven’t even logged in once yet does indicate it might not be the solution for me.

    del.icio.us on the other hand – I have a backlog of links built up (even if they are all now rather old), and I have it integrated into Firefox with various extensions. Plus, I know how to use it so I don’t have to spend valuable time working out the kinks in something new. Sometimes I enjoy kink-workthroughs. At the moment simple, tried, tested, and familiar is looking good to me.

    I got 497 links in my account! :O Hadn’t realised I had so many.

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