Sunday Roast: suicide is a little extreme, even for a Villa supporter

I apologise if the tone of this week’s Roast is a little grumpier than usual in places. I just got back from grocery shopping where I got rained on for the fourth week in a row. Now, of course, it is glorious and sunny again. Grrrr. I’m off to make cheesecake in the hope that it will cheer me up. Enjoy these snippets 🙂

If, like me, you love reading you will probably have realised that new books are vastly over priced (especially, I noticed, in Canada – $20 or $30 for a paperback? Criminal!). So I bring you BookMooch, the free book trade and exchange community. It seems like a good idea. Register, list the books you have and the books you want, give and receive. It’s that easy. If I didn’t have a pathological hatred of getting rid of books once I own them (I willingly buy second hand books but am incapable of getting rid of any) I’d be using it.

I am not unaware of the pointing you towards an article about why people don’t comment and not commenting on the article myself… Liz has 10 reasons readers don’t leave comments (and I’d suggest taking the time to read the comment thread for the post as well). Now my main reasons for not commenting are 1) I am self-conscious about new groups and fitting in (I am working on it), and… pretty much everything on Liz’s list. What are your reasons, oh lurkers mine?

I do so love it when people can laugh at themselves – how many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?

I’ve always loved the London skyline, especially the way that the London Eye just fits. Yes, the Manhattan skyline is perhaps more iconic and imposing, but London seems more real to me, with the juxtaposition of old and new, the mundane and breathtaking. Have a look at these pictures to get an idea of what I mean.

So what made me think about the London skyline? These two articles.

I’ve always been interested in what makes ‘good’ writing, but it is something I am becoming more and more aware of the more I try and put my thoughts into words. A List Apart has this wonderful piece on how to write to keep your readers. Like Amber I love writing for the web as it can be so personal. I also agree you should write for a single reader rather than an audience. Well, I try.

I don’t care if it is true or not, it is just funny.

Calling something the world’s most photorealistic art is a big claim, but just this once I might be true. Some of these images are frelling awesome!

Clearly this is a ‘writing’ week. Can you tell the difference between content and copy?

Do you remember when the Web was young? The Internet, 1996 style.

Oliver Stone’s film ‘World Trade Centre’ was screened this week in NYC and the New York Times has a brief piece on differing reactions to the film. I’m firmly in the ‘I have no desire to see this film, ever’. My brother should have been there, but a friend went instead. Just my own memories of that day are bad enough – I don’t need a movie to tell me the history.

Then again, perhaps the American’s do need movies to help them remember, because almost a third of them can’t remember what year 9/11 was. 2001 you dumb f**ks.

Remember me saying the other week how pretty anime was? Well now you can have it on your desktop.

Ever pondered using your ‘power’ as a blogger to take revenge? I know I’ve had a few digs at services in my time (British Gas, grrrr…. *fume*) But perhaps you have more power than you think. The moral here? Think before you eviscerate.

I feel exactly the same way.

And to finish on a lighter-hearted note, something else I don’t care if it is true or not – messages left by the royals…

16 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: suicide is a little extreme, even for a Villa supporter

  1. Hi Cas,
    I loved this Sunday’s Roast and had fun following most of the links. I think the Doctor gets to win!

    BTW, I think a trackback counts as leaving a comment. 🙂

  2. Hey, hey. Go easy on the Americans. I know what year 9/11 was! 🙂

    Also… I don’t use BookMooch for the exact same reason. I’m obsessive about my books. I want to keep them all. The idea of trading one of my books out for another is almost sacrilegious.

  3. I’m not saying all Americans. Just a third of you.

    I’m not sure what it is about the books, but even when I have duplicates I can’t conceive of giving them away. They’re MINE. My preciousss….

  4. Give up a book? I do not understand this concept…
    And I loved the ‘How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?’ 😀

    Now, as for why I do not post so much, I do have a reason. I am a lurker. My purpose is not to post but to simply wait and watch. Hence the reason my blog never took off the first time, I am an observer not a participant. Maybe it’ll fare better this time. Yes, my so called blog is back at the same place. I think that’s right at least Anyways…

  5. I forgot to say this earlier, cause I was doing a hundred other things at the same time, but although the Oliver Stone film looks good, I have no interest in seeing it any time soon. Perhaps because I’m part of the US that still remembers. Tends to be a prominant memory when you lived near DC.

    But then I’m not surprised that 1/3 doesn’t remember what year it was, given that at least half of the population (a very generous number) is stupid and given that anyone who’s 18 now was 13 when it happened. Now I’m curious about the break down of the surveyees.

  6. Yes Josh, your antics.

    Good luck with the blogging this time round Wereteddy. I know from old you do have interesting things to say – time to get out there! 🙂

    And yes Jay, cheesecake. Two to be precise. Two LIME cheesecakes. Problem is, now I’ve made cheesecakes, I don’t actually WANT cheesecakes. As all of my potential cheesecake eating friends are away at the moment, I’m gonna have to try experimenting with freezing one of the cheesecakes.

    Still, fun to make. That recipe you gave me is really good 😀

  7. I’m curious about the figures to – the scientist in me is calling for sources and… That BBC article doesn’t give any. Poo.

  8. I’m quite fond of cheesecake. Pity, though. By the time it got to the states, it probably wouldn’t be much good. 🙁

    this is Cas pretending to be Josh. For some reason the blog ate his last comment – thanks to coComment though, I know he said it

  9. Yes, while I must admit that I can have some amusing things to say at times, I’m not very good at premeditating such interesting things. They’re always spur of moment in the middle of a conversation and they usually don’t translate so well if you weren’t there for the original comment. But we shall see so…

    Now, as for these cheesecakes, are they simply lime cheesecakes or are they key lime cheesecakes? In case of the latter, I may have to call in some favors and acquire one for myself.

  10. You think any of my stuff is premeditated? Hell no! Some of the best stuff is just spur of the moment rant. Or a rant I had at Moose and then decided it was worth blogging.

    And it was simply a lime cheesecake. I do have a recipe for key lime pie (ridiculously easy – it must be missing something) which I will be trying next I think.

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