Mr Motivator Required

I’m sitting here, knowing I have work to do, yet somehow… Not doing any bloody work.

The problem is motivation. I’ve been in this job since the middle of June and, quite simply, have got out of it pretty much all there is to. When I have a big project or task to do, something to get my teeth into I am fine. More than fine – I shine. I know I do – the Energizer Bunny’s been more than liberal with his praises, extending what was meant to be a 2 week contract to near three months, and my last boss has seconded me for a week because apparently I’m “trust worthy and they know I will do a brilliant job”. But right now I’m home alone in the office, there’s no one to give me work, and it’s just the little piddling things left to do. I’ve already done most of the filing and tidying up I can do on Monday thanks to the Big Network Crash. That leaves, hmmm – *goes to the To Do list*

  • Email out an agenda. Not even write it, I’ve already done that. I just need to email it to a few people.
  • Buy some vouchers as a prize for someone. This I’m saving for this afternoon when my back is ready to implode and I need a long walk to stretch it out.
  • Write some copy for the Intranet and Website. Not interesting copy that I can stretch my creative muscles on either.
  • Get a quote for a flag.
  • And…
  • Reorganise the filing in the training folder. And make sure all the files have a consistent labelling system.

All thrilling stuff I think you will agree.

Not that I expect any different in an admin role. My problem is that I’m reaching the end of the assignment. I finish working for the Energizer Bunny on the 7th, then the secondment ends on the 15th, and I’m off looking for pastures new. [[As an aside, it is a great birthday present – Happy Birthday Cas, here, be unemployed!]] If I was going to be here for the end of the projects (October) then I could get invested. I wouldn’t mind the niggly bits (so much) if this was going to be my team for more than a couple more weeks.

But it’s not. I’m doing all this hard work and I’m not going to get the pay-off (other than my meagre pay-check of course). This is the life of a temp and I fully understand that. Right now though, I need another challenge. I’ve long known that I need to see projects through or I don’t give them my all. I need to be interested in something, or I just don’t do the work to the best of my ability. I coast. Ok, so my coasting is still good, but I know I could do better if I applied myself. I just can’t seem to apply myself unless I am invested.

*le sigh*

Time for me to find a full time job, isn’t it?

Oh, I missed something off the earlier list –
Oggle Mr Tall, Dark, and Great Smile.

So that’s not strictly a task I have to do, but it’s so much fun.

7 thoughts on “Mr Motivator Required

  1. I can sympathize Cas. Motivation is something I’ve been struggling with myself, for the past year or so. In my case it’s a little bit different. It’s the lack of a Boss or an Energizer Bunny. Left to my own accord I go in spurts of inspiration. Keeping motivated is hard when I’m my own cheerleader. Like you said, I need to find a new angle to keep me invested in me and my writing. Oh, and because I probably won’t remember, though I’ll try, happy birthday.

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and yeah – that inability to deal myself a swift kick up the pants is one reason my thesis took six months instead of three…

  3. Will people stop wishing me happy birthday! It’s three weeks till the dread event! (though thank you for the wishes 🙂 )

    The Energizer Bunny does motivate me normally, but he’s not around at the moment. It’s just me and a to-do list that is getting shorter and more boring by the minute. I actually had to stop working on Friday or else I would have had nothing to do on Tuesday!

  4. I will wish you Happy Birthday whenever I chance to remember 😛 You’re lucky you’re only getting three weeks of it. Usually, there’s at least four weeks involved, or longer.

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