The ABC of Cas

I’ve shamelessly nicked this from Dan because, well, I’m a shameless hussy *1* 😉

I’m also up to my ears in non-blogging things (though it feels like heresy to admit it) and didn’t want to leave you faithful few with nothing to read. Enjoy.

A – Accent:
Depends where I am and who I am talking to – most normally I’m bland home counties cut with some Wurzel vowels. Listen to the Bright Cast if you really want to know.

B – Breakfast Item:
Two pieces of toast (non-soggy) with soya spread. I’m on a bit of a non-dairy kick at the moment.

C – Chore you hate:
Most all of them, but cleaning the bathroom is the one I’m the worst at.

D – Dad’s Name:
Thomas Charles Andrew

E – Essential everyday item:
Glasses. Without them I can just about not walk into lamp posts. Just about.

F – Flavour ice cream:
Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew.

G – Gold or Silver?:
Silver. Gold just looks tacky when I try and wear it (something to do with my skin tone I think).

H – Hometown:
Glastonbury, Somerset is where I was born and brought up so you could argue that’s my hometown. But the three years I spent in Liverpool really shaped me, and Southampton has been ‘home’ for the past three years and I’m getting quite fond of it.

I – Insomnia:
Occasionally. Very annoying it is too.

J – Job Title:
Business Support Officer

K – Kids:
None and it’s 50/50 whether there ever will be.

L – Living arrangements:
2 bed flat shared with Moose.

M – Mum’s birthplace:

N – Number of significant others you’ve had:
3 though ‘significant’ is a term open to debate.

O – Overnight hospital stays:
Two of some duration when I was a little child (putting your head through the caravan step and then catching a mysterious disease are not to be recommended). One stay of a month when I was 14 with burst appendix, peritonitis, stomach abscess and septicemia. One stay of a night last October with possible intestinal adhesions that turned out to be just hideous gastric flu. Well, you did ask!

P – Phobia:
Slugs. The slimy buggers freak the crap out of me.

Q – Queer:
I have a strange obsession about penguins and their evilness – is that odd enough?

R – Religious Affiliation:
Nothing organized – I’m a strange hodge-podge all of my own devising which owes a lot to Buddhism. It makes sense to me.

S – Siblings:
One older brother and god how I hate him *grr* (actually I love him to bits, but don’t tell him that – he still hasn’t got me a gift OR a card for my birthday that was a month ago).

T – Time you wake up:
As late as possible! 0630 or 0700 during the week. Whenever I surface at the weekend (normally between 0900 and 1000).

T2 – Time I am awake enough to deal with people:
Once I’ve had the morning cup of tea (minimum 10 or 15 minutes). Before that cuppa don’t even bother. Truly, entire conversations have been had before that magic cup of tea and I just don’t remember them.

U – Unnatural hair colours you’ve had:
Red, purple, green, blue, blonde bits, black… You name it, my hair’s been it. Green wasn’t a good look for me however.

V – Vegetable you refuse to eat:

W – Worst habit:
Biting my fingernails.

X – X-rays you’ve had:
I’ve lost count. I had lots when I was a kid on my lungs and joints. My latest one was last year.

Y – Yummy:
A nice cup of tea. Talking of which… *goes and makes one*

Z – Zodiac sign:
If you believe these things, Virgo. I’m also a Dog (no jokes please) in the Chinese calendar. Pretty much the only Virgo trait I can identify in myself is an almost obsessive inability to be late for anything. I expect I would be early for my own funeral because I hate to rush.

There – I hope you learnt something about me. This entire post would have been a bit pointless if you hadn’t.

*1*And that’s a genuine little old lady quote. I love some of the random people working in local government has brought me into contact with.Back

9 thoughts on “The ABC of Cas

  1. I’m intrigued as to which was the ‘new’ stuff – I honestly can’t remember what I have/haven’t said on the blog 😯

  2. I’ve learned C- D- F (good choice)- G- K- M- N- O (ouchie)- P (but can you eat escargo?)- T+T2 (cute)- U- V- W (tsk tsk)- X- Z

    *mumbles ‘damn pond‘*

  3. I’ve never tried escargot. Some how I feel I wouldn’t enjoy them – I don’t loathe snails as much as slugs (they come with a handy handle with which to pick them up after all) but I still don’t like them. What purpose do they serve in the grand scheme of things, other than being slimy and creeping me out?

    T2 isn’t cute. It’s bloody annoying. And not cute I tell you! (I have issues with the word cute – puppy dogs and kittens are cute).

    And yes, as mentioned on many an occasion previously, the Atlantic has a lot to answer for!

  4. *grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter*

    I’m not a fan of charming either (brings to mind Jeeves & Wooster). Plus I know what I’m like in the morning – scary is a better adjective than either cute OR charming!

    And yes, I have issues with accepting anything that is even approaching a compliment. Always have and I expect I always will 😛

  5. Scary? Nah! I’ve experienced those types of morning conversations with a few people on several occasions. I find it mildly entertaining. 😛

  6. The first time Moose met me I hadn’t had my morning cup of tea yet – turns out I was scary enough almost to make her pack in the whole ‘doing a PHd and live in halls’ thing and scarper.

    Then when we actually met/talked properly in the evening she thought I was a different person at first!

    Cas + mornings = not a good combination.

    Though apparently my bleary eyed stumbling and grumbling can be quite amusing for other people.

  7. it’s all true I’m afraid. I didn’t want to say it, but she can be scary in the mornings before you get to know her. Of course she’s still scary after you know her too, you just know to avoid her 😀

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