Gambit + Sawyer = Happy Cas

Ok, so I can die happy. Maybe not die, that’s is a little severe and against my whole “I’m actually enjoying my life at the moment” thing, but at least I can be sick and happy.

Seriously, I read this and did a happy dance. It also goes to show how well Moose knows me when I say “guess who’s down to play Gambit in X-4?” and she says straight away “Sawyer?” I think we might have had the conversation before, though, so she just gets points for memory and not perception.

Anyway, my all time favourite X-Men character played by one of my all time favourite pieces of eye candy? *

X-Men 4 rumour – Josh Holloway to play Gambit.

You know, I don’t care if it’s false. It’s made me feel better when I was having a crappy day and that’s all that matters.

* For both of them it’s the accent. Quite where along the line I got kinked to Southern making me weak at the knees, but there you go. That, and Gambit wears a swoopy coat… He’d have me at hello.

10 thoughts on “Gambit + Sawyer = Happy Cas

  1. Apparently he was down to play Gambit in the most recent X-Men film, but pulled out at the last minute because the character was very similar to Sawyer and he didn’t want to be typecast. They might even have filmed his scenes, i can’t remember.

    But I thought all the girls fancied Wolverine?

  2. Oh, Wolverine as well. I always liked Wolverine in the comics till Gambit came along… It really is the accent you know.

    But then you get into tricky territory: Gambit wins out in the comics for me, but in the films? Hugh Jackman is just, well, perfect as Wolverine. I’d have to see Sawyer-As-Gambit before I could make up my mind.

    And who says I can’t have both? *devil*

    (or is that just being greedy?)

  3. Ugh. Just kill that franchise already. With no one worth their salt to guide it, it’s going down the crapper faster than you can say “shit sandwich”.

  4. I haven’t read up on any Hollywood type gossip lately, so forgive my ignorance for a moment, but has X-Men 4 even been confirmed? As I recall, they were calling it quits at 3…

  5. mmmmm Cas just made a happy Neko too!

    I have joined the firefox world and now Brightmeadow works!

    Sorry I went to Wales and couldn’t come and record things and drink tea. I’m here this weekend…..

    And I for one would have given you the lascivious wink!

    Glad you are happy with you (about time- you have always been fabulous), if ill and icky.


  6. Tristan – I’ve got to give up my Aston? *whimper* Wolverine/Gambit vs. Aston… You know, I genuinely don’t know which I’d rather have.

    Surly – stop being, well, surly! I enjoyed the X-Men franchise. So they weren’t cinematic masterpieces, nor were they overly faithful to the canon on extant work, but they were fun. With Hugh Jackman. Without his shirt for large portions of the movies. Really, I can see nothing wrong!

    Jay – it’s one of those things that’s been batting around for a while. They pretty much said that X-3 was the last of the BIG movies with the whole cast together, but they left things WIDE open for follow ups. I mean, the ending of X-3! Come on! (If you didn’t stay past the credits then you missed some great Xavier spoilers…) They were always talking of a Wolverine spin-off. But it’s one of those things that till the movie actually opens you just dream about. Or should that be fantasize?

    Neko – I had a feeling you might have been off playing without an Internet connection. I’m glad I’m not the only one getting all excited about this rumour. Like Moose says, I’ve yet to find it anywhere else apart from on the site I linked to, but it means I go to bed happy, and that’s all that matters 😀

  7. It was a 13th Century Hunting lodge on Offa’s dyke. It kinda rocked! We played at being (yes, very very sad) and ran around in the dark in a big old spooky castle… they have an Oubliette!


    I’d have Sawyer’s babies. There is no such thing as too mean.


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