Number 682

I love that moment in writing when the ideas are buzzing round your brain just before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

The concepts and thoughts are just there, at the edge of your grasp, but they need those extra few moments before they crystalize into a coherent whole.

It’s the potential of the thing, I think. The idea that quite simply anything could happen. That any minute now you’re going to look at the page and suddenly, miraculously, it won’t be blank any more.

I’ve got that feeling now, along with a healthy dollup of “ARG!!??!!! WTF have I let myself in for?!”

Repeat after me Cas: “They are just people. Your ideas are just as valid. And you are perfectly within your rights to believe that Web 2.0 is a hideous term that should be taken out the back and put out of its misery, no matter what others might think”.

Yes, repeat after me please. I am qualified to talk about blogs and (maybe) wikis and forums and the like. After all, I got into 9rules. That’s like an MSc in blogging right there! It’s got to give me some credibility. Um, right?

And on that note I am going to go hide under my desk and gibber till Saturday. I also have this feeling that there’s a rant in my fingertips somewhere about the inanity of tag-clouds, but I might save that for another time I need to make a fool of myself.

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