Sunday Roast: stand still long enough and the dragon will find you

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

I am sorry that the Roast is on the later side of the afternoon today, but as I had a near escape from being eaten by a Chinese dragon in the city centre, feel fortunate you’ve got one at all! And then we went to go and see Hot Fuzz and now I am horrendously homesick. The movie was very funny though 🙂

Continuing the ‘Chinese’ theme, I (OK, the BBC) bring you these sickeningly cute picture of a Panda cub playground. I challenge you NOT to go “awwwwwwww…” at some of these, especially pictures three and nine.

World of Warcraft can teach us valuable life lessons. No, really – see, respectable people say so.

Pictures of the Hot Fuzz premiereas I already said at the top of the post, Hot Fuzz is a very funny film, go see it – . I just love that they not only filmed in Wells, but they held the premiere there! In the local cinema that was once a Scout Hut! And god-damnit, I’m still feeling bloody homesick.

Feeling inspired? Fancy writing a chapter of a story? Now you can. But it had better be good, because you will be up against me, mwhahaahhaaa!

And lastly (eek, this is a short Roast!), it’s getting to that time of year again when I ask you all for money – once again, I’m doing the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK. I’ll be talking about it more in the lead up to the race in July, but I just thought I would give you some warning.

And, yep, that’s it for this week. I’ve clearly been spending far too much time over at 9rules notes and not enough time finding things to Roast. I’ll try to do better for next week, promise.

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