The Tuesday Takeout

Just because I haven’t blogged for a few weeks it doesn’t mean I haven’t been collecting lots of fun things to share with you all. I did intend to do a HUMONGOUS roast on Sunday, but then the weather was just too fracking gorgeous and I had to spend it sitting in the park with my friends.

I know I should feel bad, but I really don’t 😛

But this does mean that my ‘sunday roast’ bookmark collection is kinda exploding so I figured I’d do some mini-roast-type-posts throughout this week 1) to ease me back into the whole blogging gig and 2) to give you something to read. You have been remarkably patient with me, so thank you!

For today, I bring you some of the movie trailers that have made me go “ooooh…” lately. Plus a little special something at the end 😉

  • 28 Weeks Later – 28 Days Later, whilst admittedly a rip-off of the amazing Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, was still very very good. Let’s just say I’m intrigued as to this sequel. Not sure I’m a fan of the fact we poor Brits have to be saved by the Americans, but Robbie Carlyle is always a pleasure to watch. And hey – zombies. I mean, it’s hard to muck that up, right?
  • Stardust – in a complete contrast to zombies, Stardust looks like a film that should bear the “paid for by the UK tourist board” stamped all over it. Despite that, it seems to be crammed full of the latest (and best) British talent so it’s bound to be good.
  • Oceans 13 – I loved 11, loathed 12, and am prepared to forgive 13 if only for Matt Damon’s nose.
  • No Reservations – I watched this trailer whilst in a “need fluffy! need girly!” moment. So sue me.
  • Kickin’ It Old Skool – to start with this wasn’t grabbing me, but by the end of the trailer I have to grudgingly admit I was giggling. Just a little bit. Maybe not a see-at-the-cinema, but definitely a rental.
  • Live Free or Die Hard – the fourth Die Hard movie. I can now die happy 😉 Yes, I am a BIG fan of the Die Hard trilogy and yes, I watched this trailer three times chuckling and bouncing in my chair with girlish glee. I am not embarrassed. Honestly.
  • Catherine Tate meets Tony Blair – the Catherine Tate sketch show never did it for me, but the Comic Relief specials she did this year did make me laugh. None more so than the Tony Blair sketch… Yes, that is our real Prime Minister. Yes, that really got screened on national television. And yes, it is genuinely funny.

Enjoy, don’t forget to add anything else that’s caught your eye lately in the comments, and I shall most likely do another roast-type-post on Thursday so you’ve got that to look forward to as well 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Tuesday Takeout

  1. Hurrah for take out (even if it is diet take out and not a gut-busting roast).

    Welcome Back Cas!

    Yay, I got to be first.

    I am the shiniest minion ever….

    Gleeful Neko 😀

  2. whatever you might think of Tony Blair as a world leader, given his role in the Iraq war, you’ve got to admit the man has great comic timing.

  3. Not only do I rule but it is also my birthday this weekend… dancing and drinking at The good ol’ Dinge?

    Come and dance with me!

    And then we can lounge on the common again Sunday (with Uber shades for our poor fragile eyes after all the beer….)

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