Sunday Roast: hunt for the red Blogging Mojo

I am a bad blogger. I take a break for assorted reasons, promise there will be shiny new content in April, then don’t produce shiny new content in April. Seems like I only had to find my personal mojo at the bottom of bottle of iron pills, to have my blogging mojo up and disappear on me. Worry not though, I am hot on the trail. In the mean time, feast your eyes on a few choice bits from the last week.

Need a gift for that penguin obsessed blogger in your life? Look no further than these beauties.

Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a reason, you just need silly pictures.

I have this fascination with graffiti that is independent of the current fad for Banksy, though I do love his work. To me graffiti can be seen as the way audiences are constantly renegotiating their relationship with monuments and spaces. So thanks to Josh for finding this wonderful example of evolution graffiti.

And… Some movie trailers to wet your appetites 🙂

Ratatouille – a rat, that learns to cook, in France. I’m a sucker for animation, so bring it on!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – as Moose said in the email she sent with the link to this “*jumps up and down excitedly*”

Moliere – Looking suspiciously like Shakespeare in Love, but in French and with Moliere, and with a REALLY annoying voice-over guy introducing it, this still made me giggle. Most likely a rental though.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: hunt for the red Blogging Mojo

  1. I wouldn’t worry about disappearing. I’ve been gone and yet I’m still here as well. Lurking from the woodworks can be amusing too. Dang, now I’ve delurked! Anyways, take care and we’ll see the shiny new content in our feed readers when you’re ready for it.

  2. The lolcats had me and the boy giggling (Glaning even!).

    We had a nice picnic, but I’m now feeling a little Cas-deprived….

    Worry not on the mojo front- better to not write rather than write and feel crappy about what you have written…. ‘Tis the reason I write about once a week (not that I’m claiming what i do write is any good…..)

  3. Josh – those lolpics rule! Thanks for bringing them to the Roast 🙂

    Tee hee, I made you delurk Nils.

    And Neko, stop fishing for compliments. You know you rock all my socks off 😉 And we shall have an extra special picnic next weekend to make up. I hate to think of you being Cas-deprived (I so wanted to type depraved there…)

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