Job Satisfaction

My job rules.

So I’m stressed out from here to next month, am underpaid, occasionally under appreciated, and generally run off my pretty Miss Moneypenny heels.

But just occasionally something makes it all worth while. Like today when I got a free half hour acupressure session.


9 thoughts on “Job Satisfaction

  1. It’s the little things that make jobs worth doing! 😀
    Like when I worked 13 straight hours covering a computer lab in college and was surprised with a delicious bagged lunch for a conference that was going on in the building.

    Some nice lady took the time to bring me a lunch since I had helped her find her way to the proper room in the morning.

    It really is the small things. 🙂

  2. Christ, it’s alright for some, isn’t it?

    Where I work (super-rich NHS, remember) we just barely scraped a met deadline. A very important one if you value your healthcare. Doing so involved at least an hour of overtime every day that week, and 7 hours on a Saturday.

    They gave us a box of chocolates for our troubles. Just the one, to be shared between 6 of us. Thanks, guys.

  3. I should stress, this wasn’t a direct work-related perk. It was one of those random confluences of events that on paper just seem so unlikely. Random confluences of events seem to happen a fair bit in our office. I think the manic atmosphere breeds them or something…

    Anyway, the story goes:

    A happened to go to this one meeting at the last minute, she got talking to B, who introduced her to C, who had friends D and E who were setting up a business, but who wanted to do a trial run, and A spoke to D & E, and then introduced them to F, who invited them to our office building today, and G didn’t turn up for work today so there was a spare space which I managed to get by looking so insanely stressed that everyone took pity on me.

    Put like that, not that great a story really, but it meant I had half an hour of pampering and felt all wonderful and invigorated. For about ten minutes till the boss got back off lunch and handed over more work. But hey-ho. It’s all fun 😀

  4. Mwhahahaa

    Clearly you’re in the wrong job Rich 😉

    Though I totally understand about the lack of appreciation side of things. In my last-job-but-two we had insane targets that we were NEVER going to meet for a myriad of reasons. So when we DID manage to meet targets because we kicked serious senior citizen bootie and pulled 40+ hour weeks for three months straight, it was more than a little galling to be told “OK, project’s over, here’s your one week notice. And thanks, have a bottle of fake champagne between the team of ten as a thank you”.

    Yes, there’s still some bitterness even a year later!

  5. Oh I agree about the job. But I’m too lazy to do stand up. I like to, er, sit down at work. That wasn’t just a bad pun, I honestly am really lazy!

  6. we don’t work in the public sector for the perks, we do it for the satisfaction of helping others 😉

  7. It was blissful. Partly this was the sheer decadence of taking half an hour in the middle of a frantic work day to NOT think about work and to be pampered, but it also worked out some major kinks I had in my neck and back.

    I would very much recommend it, or something like it – massage, aromatherapy, indian head massage – some little bit of pampering is just what you need in the middle of thesis writing time. Go on, treat yourself. You’re worth it 😀

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