blog stats on Flickr Milestones are important. I could give lots of reasons why, but I won’t. Just accept that they are, OK?

Which is why I was firstly all excited when I noticed that I’d posted 700 posts, and then a little narked when I noticed what the 700th post was. I mean, a cryptic throw-away post about what a chicken I am is hardly worthy of a milestone post now, is it?

Ah well, it’s done now. Not a lot I can do to change history.

But I just wanted to say thank you to y’all – over three thousand comments is pretty good going, especially considering only posts since December 2005 have comments due to the move from Blogger to WordPress and my own server. For the curious, that means there have been roughly 450 fresh posts made on brightmeadow.co.uk and you’ve all been adding to them in your own inimitable style to the average tune of 6.9 comments per post.

You commenters really have made Bright Meadow so much more fun, so again, I thank you. And for you other people who I know are out there, lurking at your keyboards, reticent to join in – come and say hi. We don’t bite and I want to hear what you have to say 😀

10 thoughts on “701

  1. Bloody hell. 700?! And 3,000 comments is good going. I may have missed it somewhere, but when did you start blogging?

    For comparison’s sake, I’m at just over 200 with a little over 1,000 comments. Long way to go yet, huh.

  2. I’ve got archives here on Bright Meadow going back to February 2003 but I had some form of ‘news’ page that was regularly updated and had a guestbook feature since about 2001.

  3. That’s a whole bushel of words you got there! Well done. 😀
    I look forward to another 700. mwa haha 😀

    Get writing. 😉

  4. I’m with Peroty…

    and we are owed an explanation! What venue? What mysterious London event?

    and sorry for being a useless minion about tomorrow….

  5. Congratulations, 700 is certainly a milestone worth celebrating! What’s even more impressive is the quality, not just the quantity. As others have said, keep going and aiming for the next 700. At some point I’ll lurk less and comment more, I promise! 😀

    Chickens AND penguins!? Now even I’m intrigued… 😉

  6. Thank you everyone 🙂

    And yes chickens and penguins. Have you guessed that I’m aiming to go through the entire Avian kingdom by the end of this post?

    Quite simply I was having drinks with Penguin – that is the publishing people, not the bird variety. And all of this because I said I wanted someone’s job…

    To be fair there was more to it than that I and I WILL tell all when I can reliably type again. To start with I’ve got this lovely lot to talk about, and about fifty other ideas that came to me over the course of the evening.

    You know, I could really get to enjoy this whole blogging gig!

  7. Funny, but I was just reading about milestones. Wikipedia tells me they are constructed “to reassure the traveller that the proper path is being followed”. So now you have that bit of wisdom to add.

    As for the 700th post, obviously: congratulations. I’ve been enjoying them.

    And, finally, for the statisticians and the nosey, my figures:

    Posts: 337
    Comments: 1,394
    Spam: 26,323
    Avg.: 4.13

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