No Roast?! *gasp*

rfl-02.jpg Yes, again there was no Roast this weekend. The reason (as ably spotted by Nils) was that I was Racing for Life.

I fully intended to do a Roast yesterday… But I didn’t because Mondays are evil at work and I could just about manage to collapse on the sofa when I got home. I then fully intended to do a Roast today – because I have so many fun links to share! – but I haven’t because now I’m feeling as sick as a dog again. I think there’s something in my diet that I’ve developed an intolerance to and I’ve yet to work out what it is.

Therefore, no Roast tonight either.

Ickyness permitting, there might be one tomorrow, but there might not. Sorry 😕

4 thoughts on “No Roast?! *gasp*

  1. Thank you 🙂

    I know they will still be here, however I feel bad – I got chastised by my father on Sunday for not posting a roast! My father!?!

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