Sunday Roast: smile. It’s September

So what to say about this week? Well, I made it into work on Tuesday (woo hoo!), watched Knocked Up on Wednesday (enjoyable), assembled flat-pack furniture on Thursday, enhanced my leadership skills with three hours of e-learning on Friday, vegged around Meadow Towers on Saturday and wrote the Roast/did laundry on Sunday.

Not, all things considered, the most riveting of weeks, but then it can’t all be bungee-jumping off Tower Bridge and single-handedly white water rafting down the Congo. I am rejuvenated after last weeks unfortunate food poisoning incident and am ready to face the horrors my 25th birthday might have in store for me next week, that’s the important thing.

For some reason, the roastable material this week hasn’t been very forthcoming. Either I’m getting harder to please in my old age, or teh interweb is getting boring. Either way, enjoy what we (Moose normally contributes a good couple of links each week, and today is no different) have found for you.

The Eurostar can now make it from Paris to London in just over two hours. So I can get to another country by train faster than I can get back to the Homestead by train. That’s just not right!

A senior judge has called for the whole population and every UK visitor to go on a national DNA database. I can’t quite write a coherent argument as it’s just 10.30 and I only have one cup of tea under my belt, but the spidy senses are tingling more than a little. It’s also made me realise that I know more about civil liberties, privacy and legal rights in the States than I do in my own country (courtesy of too much CSI, NCIS, West Wing und so weiter). Something I should probably rectify before I start spouting off because I know there are significant differences!

Preston gets a Wallace and Gromit statue. Southampton gets laser lights. I live in the wrong city!

There is no substitute for sheer stupidity in this world.

Are you going Pink for October? Bright Meadow will be (though I will try to make it slightly less garish than last years eye-burning effort!)

And lastly, Facebook has announced that they are rolling out a limited public search on profiles. I’m not sure what my own feelings toward this are – a fairly typical blend of a knee-jerk “oh no, my privacy!” and “cool, more people will be able to find me” – and I haven’t had time to sort through all the possible implications in my brain, so I am going to do what I normally do in these situations: throw you in the direction of other informed discussion on the matter.

And then I am going to prod you in this direction for some thoughts on our tendency to go a little ga-ga and over the top about things.

And lastly, I shall end it all with a movie trailer for
Fierce People, the only one that’s caught my eye this week.

Now I’m off to watch a bit of the grand prix. Anything rather than hoover the flat as I have to do before the inspection tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: smile. It’s September

  1. Great. Thank you for shattering the illusion I was trying to create that I am a dynamic, adventure taking, thrill seeking, go-get-em kinda gal. 😛

  2. I don’t recomend the Congo rafing thing. The place is a load of hassle (spent about 2 months out there last year). I don’t know about the white water, but the food is good tho.

    well done on all those chores.

  3. Hey!

    You are alive after the poisoning then 😀 Hope you liked my caretaking. As you can tell I’ve been mega busy and away from the net too, and I’m off again tomorrow night for another week….

    Meet up when I get back?

  4. Yes I am alive, though there were a few points I didn’t think I’d make it! And your caretaking was first rate 🙂

    Meet-up is a definite.

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