25 Questions

Well, it’s been a little while since I asked you all to pose me 25 questions in honour of the quarter of a century I’ve been walking this planet. Seemed like it was about time I answered some of them!

1) Ollie asked – So you’ve done the whole archaeological computing thing at uni, but you want a job in publishing. What is it about publishing that makes it take precedent over being the-geek-behind-Harrison-Ford?
Money. Mercenary but true. It’s not easy to make a living wage as the archaeo-geek – it can be done and I have friends who are doing it, but they are all much more intelligent and prettier than me. I just don’t have the burning drive you need to succeed. Plus my back and wrists are shot and getting paid a pittance to wallow around in the mud is great when you’re a student but it looses its appeal after a while… Then you have the fact I’ve been involved with archaeology since I was 16. Time for a change!

It’s hard to give the “so why publishing” answer in a short paragraph. It just fits in with my interests and it’s something I know I will be good at. On top of that, something about the publishing world just excites me. The top of my scalp gets all tingly when I think of working for Penguin (for example), which is a sure sign it’s something I should be doing. Everything I’ve done in my life that has worked out well has been accompanied by the ‘tingly scalp’ feeling and I’ve learnt to trust it.

2) Erin asked – Besides the career, which (if any) of the above questions [in the previous post] (and their implied answers) do you wish had a different answer? As in, which do you wish were a yes instead of a no?
It would be nice to have a ’significant other’ and I’d like to have a home of my own so I could decorate as I wanted, not have to worry about landlords, and have a pet cat. Other than that? I’m more than okay to just let life unfold as it will.

3) Renee asked – But what is your biggest regret since you started university?
Oooh, now they’re getting tricky. I don’t like to do big regrets (little ones I’ve got plenty of, but not biggies) but thinking about it going to Liverpool University itself (whilst it had its good points) could be a ‘regret’. I adored the university and the course, had an absolute blast, made brilliant friends, and have had doors opened up to me that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t gone to Liverpool. At the same time, I was not happy for most of the time I was there. I went there on a knee-jerk reaction after not getting into the course (veterinary science) that I wanted – looking back, it would have made more sense to take a year out, get my head together, and go somewhere else to study English.

4) Prasanth asked – What all things did you do when you were 18? I am 18 now !!
Well, I hope you enjoy being 18 more than I did! When I was 18 I was a very boring person. I never went out, I found it very hard to make friends and was… well, I was just boring!

Josh was greedy and asked a few things –
5) You wouldn’t give up your happiness for a car, house, etc. would you? (Your answer to this better be “no!”, or you shall suffer the wrath of Hobbit Vikings.)
No, I would not give up my happiness for any of the above. That being said, after being threatened with Hobbit Vikings do you think I’d say anything different?!

6) Any chance of you ever hopping the pond and visiting Ohio?
Never say never, mon cher. I’m always on the lookout for holiday destinations, so persuade me!

7) Do you have any intentions of following up on the archaeology degree, i.e. pursuing archaeology? I’m still a bit confused about the hop from Indiana to publisher (not that there’s a problem with that).
See my answer to number 1! So much of my life so far has been involved with archaeology I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t end up back doing something related to the field in the future, but for now I think I’m going to have a bit of a break. That being said, more than a few people keep having a go at me to get back into research!

Neko also asked a couple of things –
8) Whaddya want for Christmas?
A pony.

9) Is there any one decision you have ever made that you would change?
Waiting so long before I asked for help. I was severely depressed from about the age of 15 right through to 20/21, when I finally put up my hand and went “um, something’s not right here…” Looking back I really should have said something sooner.

10) If you did, how would your life be different right now?
Hind-sight is 20/20 and I do so hate to play the “what if?” game. Even though it would be nice if that stretch of my life had been different, that’s how it was, and it’s made me who I am today, so I can’t really complain too much.

11) What does it take for you to feel you really know someone?
Erm, I’m not sure. Some people I click with really quickly, slipping straight into the comfort zone with them. Other people I’ve know for years and still wouldn’t say I really knew them. To be true, I’m actually pretty oblivious and absolutely pants at seeing beneath the surface. If someone doesn’t tell me something then I’m not going to guess it!

12) If you were a font (as in, arial etc) which would you be?
Tahoma. No reason, I just like the font.

13) Is there anything random that you are scared of? My mate Tony’s belly button scares me ’cause it is too smooth. I’m sure he is some sort of replicant.
Slugs. They freak the crap out of me. And double jointed appendages. There’s something about fingers/thumbs/elbows etc clicking where they shouldn’t be that just gives me the collywobbles.

Steve got on the bandwagon with the following –
14) If you could be anywhere, right now for 4 weeks, where would that be?
A secluded beach cottage somewhere where I could relax, sleep, and write in peace. If certain eligible bachelors were to move in down the way that might be nice too 😉

15) If you could move anywhere in the world where would you move to?
New Zealand. Or Australia. Or Canada. Or London. Or Edinburgh. Ooh, the Moon might be nice… (You might have got the impression I have no idea. You’d be right!)

16) If you were a superhero, what would be your name?
Trixabell McDuff.
Well, I’m a superhero right, so I can beat the crap out of anyone who laughs at my name.

17) Moose chimed in with – If you were on Time Team, what would you say to Tony Robinson?
… Before or after I slapped him upside the head with a two-by-four?
I have no real reason, but I find the man to be an annoying little tit. A comedic genius, but an annoying little tit none the less. I’d like to think I would have the guts to say something along the lines of “What qualifications do you have to make such sweeping generalisations? And get out of my trench you jumped up little oik!” but knowing me I’d be just too polite and content myself with grumbling under my breath.

illyna was curious enough about –
18) Have you ever told anyone you hated them. And more importantly – did you mean it?
Not to their face, no. And I can’t think of anyone who I genuinely hate. Dislike vehemently, yes. Want to see pushed under a bus? No.

19) Who would you have to play you in a movie of your life?
Maggie Gyllanhaal.

20) roro wanted to know – If you could live inside of any book you’ve ever read, which would it be?
A Georgette Heyer book (they’ve all got fairly interchangeable plots!). The dresses are gorgeous, the men spiffing, and the girl always gets the guy in the end. Supremely predictable, but enjoyable popcorn none-the-less.

Nils felt a burning desire for information on –
21) What invention haven’t they made yet that you NEED?
Something that will write my emails for me. I don’t know why, I just suck at writing emails.

22) With the creepiness quotient for dating (your age /2 +7) resulting in you being able to see anyone between about 19 and 37, would you have a preference?
I’d go for older rather than younger, and my own personal ‘creepiness quotient’ is a bit narrower – say from 20/21 to 30/31. That being said, I’ve known 20 year olds who act much older, and 40 year olds who act much younger, so it would all depend on the person I guess!

23) Seeing you had a podcast out once or twice, and since you blogged drunk, can we expect a drunk podcast? Or just a repeat of any of the two?
The chances are good that there will be some more drunk blogging before I’m done. I’d like to do some more podcasting, but I’m at a loss with what to do with the Bright Cast (any ideas greatly welcome!). Drunk Podcasting though? Most likely not. It takes far too much effort to get the computer set-up when I’m sober. I hate to think what would happen if I tried whilst drunk!

And Peroty finished off with –
24) Can you describe your perfect significant other? Or at least one you hope to find. 😉
Tall, dark, with an accent? Good sense of humour. Creative. Kind to animals. Geeky. Understanding of my taste in films and literature. Understanding of my insane desire to blog my life! Brave enough to take me on.

I’ll know him when I see him, let’s just leave it at that.

25) What little thing in life makes you happy?
Curling up with a good book and a mug of tea. Bliss.

26) Where did Moose’s name come from?
I’ll let Moose answer this in her own words –
Short answer – it’s short for Invisiblepsychomoose
Medium answer – crazy ex housemate combined with sarcastic comment about latitudes combined with Danny Wallace
Long answer – you’ll need about an hour, and something bribe Moose with.

10 thoughts on “25 Questions

  1. This was a lot of fun. 🙂
    What can be used to bribe Moose with? And has she ever seen Invader Zim? There is an entire episode devoted to a room with a moose.

  2. I’m glad someone else thinks that about Tony RObinson. I met him at a dig through a a friend who works on the show. He irritated me and I can’t watch the show as happily any more. Worse of all, I think Blackadder is effected too.

    Thanks for the answers. :^)

  3. Glad you enjoyed it guys 🙂

    And yes, I am sorry for the wait. I hadn’t realised quite how lax I’d been till my boss told me off on Monday morning for no roast before I’d even had a chance to take my coat off! And then Moose had a go, and Abi on Facebook… But then again, good things come to those who wait 😉

  4. Well, as for 8 )…. don’t set me challenges like that. You never know what will happen!

    and 19 was spot on! I’d have picked her to be you as well 🙂

  5. Neko – if you got me a pony for Christmas, I would be overjoyed 🙂 And you would have? Cool.

    Renee – I saw that too, but it looks like it would affect people viewing bbc.com, not .co.uk which is the main page at the moment. Whether they will divert all international readers to .com, regardless of whether they want .co.uk is something to wait and see.

  6. BBC aren’t allowed to have commerical adverts in the UK, only ones for their own products. They get the licence fee money instead. I think adverts in the UK may invalidate their Charter.

    I’m actually pretty easy to bribe peroty, I was just trying to make a long and rather boring story sound sexier than it is! 😀

  7. Okay, two things:

    1) That’s 26 questions, dear, not 25. The post title is false advertising! I demand a refund of $0.00.

    2) *snaps his thumbs out if their joints and twists them to the side* 😉 It’s odd, but my thumbs are the ONLY things I have that are double-jointed. Everything else is “normal.”

    (Okay, final aside: too much Harry Potter lately! I just initially wrote “dumblejointed.”)

  8. 1) The 25 relates to the post where I asked people to pose me 25 questions. It’s not my fault that there were 26 good ones asked! 😉

    And I read it as ‘dumblejointed’ – what does that say about me!

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