Sunday Roast: asparagus is almost sausage shaped

So how has this week gone? Really rather blissfully actually as I’ve had the week off from work. I really can’t deny that a week of drunken debauchery and dancing, shopping, writing, fireworks, curry, gossip, season 2 of Bones finally arriving on DVD, the odd plumbing emergency and lots of sleep was just what the doctor ordered. I feel human once more and ready to face whatever work has in store for me. Apart from maybe dealing with the Temp Lottery again – I might need another couple of weeks before I am ready for that! The week could only have been improved by the presence of a certain eligible bachelor, hell! I’m getting to the point that any bachelor would be quite nice. I once again put out the call to my friends to cast about their assorted and various acquaintance and I think they might be starting to believe me. That’s the problem when all your friends are disgustingly happy with their Other Halves and their friends are also hooked up. There must be single men out there in Southampton. There must.


Not that I want to give the impression that I am a desperate man-seeking missile. I mean, what on earth would give you that impression?! There are just times I think it might be quite nice to have someone else around. He’d have to be f***ing fantastic to be worthy of my blogging greatness, that goes without saying, but… I repeat. There must be single men out there in Southampton. There must.

And now I have splurged far more information that my Dad probably wants to be reading over the ‘Net, let’s get on with the Roast, shall we?

You know that gun crime is a problem when even the dogs are in on the act.

Followers of my Twitter feed might have noticed me getting a bit irrate with Royal Mail over their inability to deliver a simple parcel. Which makes this news item all the more galling.

I don’t really care for whether or not Digg opens itself up so it can grown. What I do care about, and find rather amusing, is that (and I quote): “There is value in vertical focus… but there may be a vertical which we would choose not to go into”. Now, it’s been a while since I did maths or Physics, but isn’t there just one vertical? I mean, gravity and all that kinda relies on there just being one up-down, doesn’t it?

Not that I’m pissed off with Royal Mail or anything, but how can they justify giving the boss a pay rise when they can’t actually do what they claim to do – i.e., deliver letters?!

Alonso has left McLaren. Well, that’s a surprise.

Now I am the proud owner of an external harddrive, I can finally do what I’ve been promising myself I’d do since I made the mistake of installing Tiger over the top of 10.3, nuke my HD back to factory fresh and hopefully reclaim some memory. The problem with doing this is you’re never totally sure you’ve backed up all the programs you rely on. Which is where this little list might come in handy.

I love me my keyboard shortcuts – CMD+W to close tabs is just great. The problem being I keep hitting CMD+Q to quit Safari instead with enough regularity to annoy myself. It’s especially annoying when I’m in the middle of a Roast and have twenty or thirty tabs open… You can imagine the language. So this little trick looks very handy. (Thanks Justin for responding to my Twitter wail 🙂 )

How to buy Leopard for $40. Legally.

Thinking of what Christmas cards to buy? You could worse than these Moo cards.

At last! Someone who shares my postcard obsession

And time for Abi’s favourite part of the Roast – Movie Corner
Not technically a movie, but the latest mindbending animation from The Other Side.

The Golden Compass – so I’ve linked to this trailer oodles of times already, but I am looking forward to the film, damn it!

Jumper – sci-fi, mutants, genetic alteration, evolution…

What Would Jesus Buy?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: asparagus is almost sausage shaped

  1. Yay for drunken debauchery! I find that also cheers me up after crappy days.
    Unfortunately, I dont have that many frequent flier miles… Oh well.

  2. Man-seeking missile? I love that. I would of course, but I mean: I love the expression.

    As for Cmd+Q, there’s an easier answer even: a little browser called Camino.

    Good of you to link to Andrew’s new brainchild (Cardinal Point, it is his, isn’t it?). It’s a lovely blog.

  3. Vidar – yes, drunken debauchery has its place. As a responsible blogger however, I will urge all you dear readers to adhere to whatever drinking-age laws are pertinent in your home countries, and to have moderate debauchery. If you can’t have just as much fun on a glass of orange juice, you’re doing something wrong 😉

    Nils – I tried Camino. It didn’t stick for me for some reason. Though if Safari keeps crashing out on me on certain pieces of javascript, I might seriously reconsider my options!

  4. Drunken debauchery can be one of the more attractive solutions for so many problems 🙂

    Now, Orange juice … the hider of virtually anything illicit in liquid form 😛
    What? My halo is still in place … I promise!

  5. jinx – people used to use this phrase about me at university:
    “she only looks sweet and innocent”.
    Often followed by another phrase:
    “When they’re dancing on the tables, you know the evening’s gone too far”.

    Ah, those were the days…

  6. “she only looks sweet and innocent” … why yes, as a matter of fact you do. Sweet and innocent, with a glint of something fiendishly brilliant 😉

    “When they’re dancing on the tables, you know the evening’s gone too far” … too far? I say the party is just beginning! 😀

    Those were the days?
    Just because you live in suburbia and work for the government, does not mean the end of those days … take them by the hand, hell, you could even embrace them … you never know where it might take you 😉

  7. Fiendishly brilliant. I can live with that 😀

    Did I say dancing on the tables? I meant strip dancing on the tables. Be very, very thankful that you have never had the misfortune of seeing that little performance. *shudder* all parties involved were in therapy for many months after that particular incident 😐

    And ok, I shall do my best to once more embrace the debauchery. It is rather sad I’m getting old before my time…

  8. Pah. You seemed to do very well on the not-spouse-creatures’ birthday! Not quite dancing on the tables, but dancing the night away!

  9. I love the movies (thanks!), but sometimes I realize that I come here for the comments, not just the blog.

    That sounds weird, but you’ve got quite a community of well-written (thought, spoken?) folks.

  10. Neko – but you didn’t see me the next day 😐

    Abi – I wish I could take credit for the people commenting here, but they (you) do it all on their own. The lovely people that they (you) are.

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