Parental Quote of the Year

I am in semi-hermit mode at the moment. I know I should be writing things for your delectation, but somehow the muse is not descending. Rather than have you all staring at a blank blog for days on end, I will share with you something from a conversation I just had with my lovely mother (Curly Durly).

The conversation worked it’s way round to dating, men and prospective son-in-laws as these conversations can do. I think I’ve already established elsewhere that my family aren’t exactly run-of-the-mill. Curly Durly tends to take it to the next level, especially when trying to convince her ever loving daughter to get out of the house and live a little…

Comment number one that had me in hysterics:
“Who cares what he looks like darling? He could be dynamite between the sheets!”

A gem which was rapidly followed by her exhorting me to, quite simply, sleep around some more:
“But window shopping is the most fun! And you just have to try before you buy!”

My mother, ladies and gentlemen. It’s amazing I turned out as respectable as I did.

22 thoughts on “Parental Quote of the Year

  1. Got to agree with Vidar’s comment it does sound like your Mom rules , but I would of thought you would of already taken her first comment to heart and not needed telling.:-)

  2. No sir , it was suggested by our fair hostess that I may be you and that as thus you may be me so i’m merely pointing our that I am not you 🙂 … But if it’s a duel you be wanting , I think i may be able to dig out my dueling pistols 🙂

  3. I can say with definitive certaintly that no-one else is me…ask Neko 😛

    As for a duel, pistols are for losers….FETCH MY SWORD!

  4. OK, firstly, for the love of small fluffy kittens – The M and Not the M, can you please come up with a different way of identifying yourselves? I came home from a hard day at work and at first glance it looked like someone had had a psychotic break and was arguing with their self. Not that there is anything wrong with that, you understand, I’d just rather it didn’t play itself out in my comments field!

    If either of you have any compassion in your souls (and I know you both do), you will please pity poor little Cas right now.
    *puppy dog eyes*

  5. But yes, my mum does rule and I totally agree with her sentiment. Just… Well, she’s my mum! She shouldn’t be saying things like that to me!

    And welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments Not the M 🙂

  6. Bah, I was perfectly unique until someone came and trod on my toes! Still, anything for you Cas, I’ll use my full online moniker 🙂

    And yes, I have lots of compassion, I’m also rated extremely highly for the quality of my hugs…

  7. Not the M will now be Kirbs … but only because i have a few shreds of pity and decency some where deep down in my twisted dark little soul .

  8. Cas, I love your Mum. And *not* to take any credibility from her–because my Mum would certainly speak nothing of dynamite and men in the same sentence–but aren’t all men “dynamite” between the sheets? 😉 Love this. (I guess the question is…dynamite for whom?) Haha. Okay, I’m not going into the deets.

    All things should be done for the love of small fluffy kittens!! Especially mine.

  9. I once had a conv with my mum about how I bumped into a former classmate who had turned into a working girl escort. It took a while to explain I didn’t meet “bump” into her that way, but it rather blushworthy. Then we talked about the price of apples.

  10. Inquisitor Mence & Kirbs – thank you, a thousand thank you’s for the name changes!

    Neko – now I got you to clarify the whole grass/breakfast thing, I feel much better! I was trying to wrap my head round some obscure open source GIS joke. Imagine the relief at finding out it was just a dueling reference. Oh, the things I never had to worry about before I met y’all 😉 (And I wouldn’t have it any other way)

    Esther – yeah, my Mum is the best. And your kittens are highly adorable!

    Howard – I expect my mum could make talking about apples lewd. Joey Tribiani has nothing on her! And welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments.

    Moose – I didn’t exactly start out planning to talk to her about such things. The conversation just naturally twisted that way… And I know it says just as much about me that I let the conversation twist in that particular direction, but ah well. It gave me something to blog about if nothing else!

  11. I assume the grass thing is about somone going face down at first light, else I have no idea would appreciate illumination!

  12. 64BakerSt – yep, there was a little freaking out involved. Followed by the desire to blog!

    Inquisitor Mence – after quickly consulting Neko behind the scenes, I can confirm that yes, it is a reference to early dawn dueling.

    Anne – it is good advice to follow. I need to follow it a bit more myself, actually!

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  14. OH my gosh — ROTFL! Your mother is SO different from mine. My mom thinks we still live in the 50’s. Although if you took away my computer & my blue jeans, that’s almost where I’m at. I was watching a bit of North & South last night and suddenly thought, “Oh my GOD — I AM Margaret Hale.” Except I have no Richard Armitage and no Dixon to help me. Sigh.

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