Back Where I Belong

*breathes a sigh of relief*

Well the past week felt like a lot longer to me – did it to you?

For everyone who has tried to access Bright Meadow for the past week and has been greeted with a WordPress error page, I got stung with the arse end of Fasthosts security breeches and crap efforts at customer service. You have my biggest possible apologies – if I had known something was going to happen, I would have told y’all and got my backup plan running in time.

As it was, those of you who read the site through RSS, or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or 9rules (or cornered me in the office) stood a passing chance of knowing what was going on and followed me to the temporary site of The rest of you, I can only say sorry some more!

I’ve still got some things to sort out here around the Meadow, so till further notice, I recommend everyone pays attention to – the RSS feed still directs there if nothing else!

Please bear with me a little while longer whilst I get things sorted!

10 thoughts on “Back Where I Belong

  1. My hovercraft is full of eels.

    Anyway…hollar when you have some of that mytical free time stuff 😛

  2. Glad to see you are back up and running, and also that the Guernsey tip off worked. Your flickr seems to suggest was fun ! Seeya. GH

  3. I think I had the same error a few weeks ago and wordpress had to be reinstalled on the server? Good to see you’re back – I see I’ve got some catching up to do over christmas 🙂 (moved house and oh dear how long can it take to get a landline and broadband?!)

  4. Renee – thankfully I didn’t have to reinstall WordPress. That would almost have been enough to make me give up this domain for good I think! I feel your pain over the landline and broadband. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take the three months it took one of my friends!

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