Sunday Roast: once a evil raccoon tried to steal my frappachino

I write this Roast whilst feeling grumpy. I’ve been feeling grumpy ever since evil ultrasound technicians took a look at my ovaries last week and told me they didn’t like what they could (and slightly more worrying couldn’t) see. Tomorrow is the joyous prospect of an evil ENT specialist taking a look at my throat with a nasty camera and telling me what he can/can’t see to explain my magical disappearing voice. And then there’s the glorious bruise I have down my right hand side thanks to my spectacular crashing-to-earth whilst running for the bus on Thursday. Oh joy of joys, what it is to be me right now. For those of you with a gambling streak, I’m running a book on the next bit of me to break…

Whilst none of it is life threatening or world ending, it’s still not very nice, and it’s making me grumpy and not-nice to be around. I’m sorry everyone! It’s also having the knock on affect of making my Roast-sensors very hard to please, hence this week’s Roast being slightly stingy. Plus some stupid sods car alarm has being going off persistently for the past six hours (waking me up from a post-night-out slumber) which is really not contributing to my good mood!

Traveling with your laptop? Take care if flying through the States.

Screening for Breast Cancer really works – so get yourself checked if you’re worried.

It’s odd, but lately I’ve had to explain/defend my Facebook usage to lots of different people, some online, some offline. I’ve not come up with an answer that convinces me, let alone them, beyond the pathetic “it does what I need it to do and it connects me to all the people I want it to”. I don’t use it because it’s ‘cool’ and I am interested to see how they deal with issues in 2008. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that they’re going to have to pull their finger out or face a mass decamping of users to the next new thing.

NetNewsWire and co are now free. Is it time to change my allegiance to Vienna? I’m not sure, but this article does a fair comparison if anyone else needs persuading either way.

What’s you’re beloved local scifi bookstore?

I have no reason to want one of these, but damn it – I want a Nabaztag! (Well, it’s only 9 months till my birthday, hint hint father dearest 😉 )

Feel free to blame Moose entirely for this one – Presidential Paintball

Movie trailers are an arcane life-form all to themselves. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been either suckered into watching a crap movie by a flashy trailer (I’m a sucker for a good soundtrack), or I’ve watched a trailer and gone “well, there’s no reason to watch the movie now!” (King Kong comes to mind). So it’s interesting to hear a director defend/explain how they’re made.

Hellboy II – The Golden Army. I know. Everything you’re thinking I’ve already thought, but damn it. It looks like a good popcorn movie!

Wanted. I still marvel out how me, who hates violence, is drawn to films that glamourise it and – in this case, glamourise the life of assassins. Ah well, James McEvoy is always a joy to watch.

In the Name of the King. More mindless violence, faux-Medieval style this time. Mmmmmm Jason Stratham.

The Accidental Husband. Bad mood clearly equals desire for chick flicks. And Colin Firth.

Over Her Dead Body. I laughed despite myself. I think I’ll be adding this to the list of “to be seen on DVD” though…

And that’s me done for the day. Car alarm not withstanding (it’s still going off!) I’m now going to curl up on the sofa with lots of crappy TV that Moose recorded for me last night whilst I was out dancing the night away on a light-up 80’s dance floor with an ex-stripper.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: once a evil raccoon tried to steal my frappachino

  1. Nabaztag over my dead body while you’re living with me! I couldn’t even stand the 30 seconds it took to look at the website. I’d kill the thing within an hour.

    As outraged as I am at the continuing disregard the so-called ‘land of the free’ shows for civil liberties, this time in regard to people’s laptops, a part of me is noting that all the cases that have come to court have involved kiddie porn – something this world could definitely do without. Another ‘freedom vs security’ dilemma.

  2. Beloved Sci-fi /geek store … That was the Fortress 🙁 .

    Good luck with the prodding and the poking tomorrow by the way .

  3. I’ve got a nabaztag called Bobicle (yes you have to name them) and think they are a lot like marmite. Bare with me on this one. You see whilst i love it, Simon has resorted to rude hand gestures and swearing should it even utter a vowel. If you do get one let me know though as you can ‘friend’ each others and send messages so I can add to the annoying 😉

  4. As regards the laptop issue, I think it might be a “take care if you’re flying through the States and have something to hide. If security wants to scope my hard drive, it’s okay by me. I suppose there’s always the risk that they’ll see something personal, or passwords or something, but heck, when they search your carryon there are personal things in it too, and maybe even passwords in your wallet or address book or something, so there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference there.

    A nabaztag? I have to agree with Moose on that one. I don’t need anything else in the house that makes noise and requires attention, thank you very much, I have two kids and two cats and a husband. No plants, because whilst they are quiet, they require attention in the form of watering, which is why they all die within two weeks of coming to live here. 🙂

  5. Assassin’s lives need glamourising. They’re actually very boring, mostly watching, waiting and planning and, if they’re lucky, a short adreneline rush during the escape process. The best assassins have more in common with insurance brokers, farming out the work to cheap, deniable local assets. They need the Hollywood treatment, you certainly wouldn’t watch a film about a man sitting in an FOP with a pair of binoculars and a notebook for 8 hours. Unless it was Colin Firth…

  6. OK Moose, no Nabaztag at Meadow Towers. *sniff* Never say never though. And having to wait is only a good thing, because by the time I DO get one, they’ll be able to do even more stuff!

    But Nadine, you see, I’m blissfully child/spouse/pet free, so I *want* something that makes some noise and at least pretends to be pleased to see me when I get home!

    LondonGirl – thank you and welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments 🙂

    fulnic – I think at least Abi would be there to watch that real-life Assassin movie if it starred Colin Firth. And I’d be right behind her!

    (Though Abi, I might have to start a running total of how many times you say “mmmmm Colin Firth” 😉 )

    Neko – we can have joint custody of the Nabaztag I finally get 😀

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