Small Hurdles

I was lying on the treatment table yesterday whilst a nice lady called Maya did cruel and unusual things with some thread in order to tame my eyebrows, and it struck me that when I move I’ll be screwed. The problem is not the big things, but rather the little things.

It has taken me four years of living in Southampton to find a hairdresser I trust to do funky but liveable-with things to my hair (and not cost a fortune). The same goes for a beauty parlour where I can trust them to work magic with my caterpillar brows, my favourite deli, coffee shop, skate shop, tattoo parlour, jewellery stores…

The list of the little things is endless.

Now, I’m not saying that London doesn’t have any of those things. I know that it has lots of those things. The possibilities are endless, as the advert says, but how do you start to find them?! I still know people who commute back to their home town to get a haircut. My hairstyle maybe glorious and groovy, but glorious and groovy needs regular maintenance, and there’s no way I’m going to be travelling up/down on the train just to get a haircut!

I know that rather than the little things, I should be worried about the big things: getting a job, where I’m going to be living, things like that. But those are such big worries that I am just not acknowledging them right now. The little ones, those are the concerns that are freaking me out. I’ve settled in Southampton, that’s the problem. I never planned to stick down roots here, but I have.

And then there is all my stuff. Oh lords have mercy, the stuff! I’m a hoarder, a nester, and I’ve got the flat stuffed full of belongings to prove it. Once upon a time I could pack my life into a suitcase and a few cardboard boxes. Now the shoes alone need half a transit van!

Tell me again why I’m so fixated on moving to London?

9 thoughts on “Small Hurdles

  1. Because you’re a silly, silly girl. 😛

    No really, it’s because it’s time for a change and a good change it will be.

    I am the same way about my stuff, though I am trying to declutter a bit. It never quite seems to happen. I am also a creature of habit. Case in point, I’ve lived in this city for 8 years. It was only last week that I got my haircut here. I used to just get it done when I went home. Only, the trips home were becoming less frequent so necessity won out.

    The little things, while plentiful and annoying, are just that. Little things. Focus on the big things. The little ones will fall into place.

  2. You have real life minions for the packing of the stuff…. it’s not that we want you gone, just that we know how much you want to go!

    I know some peeps in London. Depending where you end up, I might be able to get good suggestions for the girly geek about town 🙂

    It will all be fine ma Cherie… and you need to come back often to see us all anyways, so just get the hair done then :p

  3. wah… comment being moderated? or just didn’t appear?… meh no time to re-write now… need to write reports so I can go home!

  4. See im gonna advice just the opposite of Peroty (Sorry) but the way I figure it , it’s the little things , the incidentals if you will that actually make up your day to day existence and that if they are not in place then it doesn’t matter how good the “big things” are your life still won’t feel right.

    And my answer to why your fixated on moving to London is … Your following your dream and London seems to be where that dream is leading you , so until you find your dream or find something else that pulls on your heart and soul with a greater passion then your always gonna feel that pull.

  5. You know, Cas, as a recent relocator myself, I have to say that, for us, those little things have definitely been the hardest part. I think that our fear of being homeless and destitute definitely propelled us towards solving the big things like housing and employment quickly. But the little things – well, we both still get our hair cut in Toronto, 4485 kilometres away.

    But in our case, that’s partly we moved from a more cosmopolitan area to a less cosmopolitan area. If you’re following your dream to London, I have to think that, while dealing with these little things will still be challenging, you’ll at least have plenty of choice for your new favourite … everythings!

    I, for one, am very much looking forward to reading about your adventures there. No pressure.

  6. Little things… Big things… To be honest it’s all freaking me out. In a good way, but still!

    Neko – you could live to regret that offer to help pack…

    roro – OK, your hairdressing commute knocks my projected one into a cocked hat (an expression I still don’t understand btw)! And I shall do my utmost to have lots and lots of exciting, rock’n’roll adventures to tell you about. Whenever I feel the desire to curl up on my sofa and stay in with a mug of tea and a box of chocolates, I shall tell myself “NO! For roro is waiting for the salacious details of my adventures! I cannot fail her!” and off I shall go, into the dark, foggy London nights, and have salacious adventures to tell you about 😀

  7. I used to commute from Guelph, Ontario to Redditch, England for haircuts which is approximately 5600km, as the crow flies.

    You have a favourite skate shop??

  8. Cas, *I* want to move to London! I can’t speak for you but personally it’s all about the uncertainty of even yes the little things. Sacrificing the unknown for large potential of things we can’t even fathom right now. 🙂 The risk is necessary to get that enthralling feeling of the big city we get. Without risk there is no reward!

  9. Moose – as in a favourite shop that sells skate paraphernalia including clothes? Yes. Yes, I have a favourite skate shop.

    Esther – well, if you ever do get to London, let me know 😀 And the risk is the fun bit I’ll agree. Scary, but fun.

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