Sunday Roast: Is a Bugatti a Rover?

This weeks roast is brought to you in a race against the Monaco Grand Prix. I started writing just as they started off the grid. Why race the Grand Prix? Writing roasts can take a while and I have a tendency to get all grumpy half way through and go “why bother”, then womble round the flat annoying Moose till I think the damn thing is never going to get written. What a way to waste an entire Sunday afternoon! Grand Prix’s are time limited, so trying to finish the roast before the race is over gives me a focus and keeps me writing.

It also keeps me at my desk instead of in the living room yelling insults at the TV and gloating in an unseemly fashion when/if something happens to Hamilton and Alonso. Yes, I know I have just uttered a phrase that should have me handing in my British citizenship, but I can’t stand all the hype around Lewis Hamilton. James Allen especially needs to just get a room already!

And now that rant is done with (sorry), I shall bring you the goodies…

My whole general malaise lately has led to me withdrawing from certain social sites, Facebook for one. (It’s also seen a huge splurge in activity on other sites like Twitter, but go figure). Will a major redesign help bring me back? Let’s wait and see what they have to offer, shall we?

Phrases such as “Orwellian”, “Big Brother state” and “1984 anyone?” are being bandied around with increasing frequency at the moment, but sometimes it is necessary. Technical issues aside (every email and phone call?!) plans for a database holding details of every phone call and e-mail sent in the UK are just… scary. In the past at work the Information Commission has made my life trickier, mandating the collection of this and that piece of data, but on this front I’m supporting them and their assessment that it is a “step too far“.

MPs have voted against laws forcing a “father” in IVF treatment

(Just took a small break to make a cup of tea – damn, but it looks like I’m missing a good race today!)

I won’t even try and understand the relationship Americans seem to have with their guns, but even this story has to seem a little bit weirder than usual. Doesn’t it?

At Kew Gardens, a treetop walkway has just been opened. I love trees so the chance to get up in the canopy should be a special one. Time to go visit Kew I think…

Continuing the nature theme, research suggests going for a walk with the wildlife is essential. Anecdotally, I would have to agree. I felt very, very down most of the time in Liverpool, and that was in no small part due to the lack of green spaces. Every time I would go back to Somerset, I would feel a physical weight lift. Even now, I feel better for a saunter through a park. Go, give it a try – have a womble around your nearest green space and feel the benefits 🙂 (She says, even though at the moment I have to have a “daily mission” to get me out the house)

Do we put too much of our lives on the internet? Emily Gould’s story, whilst a drastic extreme, does ring some bells. My own internal sensor has flagged things to me a couple of times and gone “you shouldn’t post that”. I know I live a more ‘open’ and public life than is the norm and most of the time that’s OK to me. Every now and again though, I do question the wisdom of what I’m doing

For the geeky BSG fans among us (thanks to billt for the link)

Continuing my search for the best photoblogs out there, I bring you seriocomic. Eye candy galore

Thanks to Moose for these next two – every now and again, one of those email circulars that rampages through the office email is genuinely funny:
Google Earth scrabble
Can’t evolve? Tough

Flood, by They Might Be Giants is an album I actually have on my iPod three times, once as a copy-from-a-friend, once because I borrowed it from the library, and once because I actually shelled out money. It’s one of those albums you hear a song from, go “I love that!”, get a copy of the album, then realise you already have it because you loved it before… Embarrassing, but thankfully I’m not the only fan

So today I was a citizen (in my case, a citizen-commentator-on-F1) BTW, the way to Cas’ heart, be a good enough writer to get the bitter irony and sarcasm across. Love it 😀

Initially I was skeptical about bkkeepr, mainly because of the the name. I admit it. All these Web 2.0 contractions are really getting on my 36D’s. Then I looked at it a bit more and had an “Oooooh…” moment. Time to play I think.

Looking for something new to read? Ooodles of great blogs just got added to 9rules. Enjoy

(Piquet has just driven into the wall, the silly sausage. 27 laps to go)

Along with my well documented notebook obsession, I’ve also got a bit of a thing for pens. Namely the Pilot V series, so I’m a happy (if poorer) bunny now I’ve found a place that does mail and bulk orders

I’ve spoken to a few people and we are all kinds of enthusiastic to see Dollhouse and what Joss Whedon has to offer. But we are also all a little bit anxious, given Fox’s record on cancellations. But to campaign to save the show before it’s even aired?!

I can no longer watch Grand Designs because all the people irritate me so much. I am sure they are all lovely people, but I am just so JEALOUS of the bastards for being able to build their own home, when at the moment we’ll all be living on the Moon before I get the chance to do that. Yes, I am one of those sad people who has the designs to their dream home already in their head, but 😛
Still, this blog is whetting my appetite again. Damn it. Really, the only option left to me is to marry an architect.

I’ve been home during the week this week, so I’ve been able to actually stream video (our connection just goes flop at busy times).
Quid Pro Quo – a trailer I watched and went “huh?”
The Dark Knight
The Rocker – silly, stupid, but somehow appealing
The Mummy: tomb of the Dragon Emperor – *rubs hands in glee* And I think I might even have gotten over my need to yell at the screen at all the archaeological innaccuracies. Best quote “why do Mummy’s never play fair?”
Hancock – it could be a one joke film, but I still want to see it

And not a movie trailer, but still worth a giggle over
Jerry needs no help

And finished just in time to see the aftermath of Rosberg’s crash. Bugger, Hamilton is in the lead. As Moose just said, “he could still get a puncture. We can hope…”

16 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Is a Bugatti a Rover?

  1. I felt SO sorry for Sutil! The poor, poor man. So near and then kablam-kablooey. Nasty Raikonnen. Nasty man, nasty.

  2. Cas spent the last 20 mins of the race shaking her head and saying, “Poor Sutil”. I was just impressed she knew his name, particularly as she’d never heard of the team.

    Hamilton is a very, very good driver. He has the potential to be a great driver (he’s not quite there yet because most of the time when he has problems he can’t drive around them, but that will come with experience). What I don’t like is the media hype about him. Just once I’d like to watch the race without shouting “oh for f$*@~ sake, get a room!” at James Allen or Steve Rider. And when they do actually interview someone else, they ask them what they think about Lewis!

    I think our itunes must be psychically linked. Mine’s set on party mix as usual and it’s been giving me a lot of tracks from Flood lately.

  3. Hey Cas – Glad you like bkkeepr, and really glad you got the “Ooooh” feeling – best review possible 🙂

    I’m pretty with you on the silly names, but there’s good reason – keeping it short for Twitter’s 140-char texts, and finding an available domain name!

  4. Moose – to be fair, the most impressive bit I think was when I went through the place list and the initials of the drivers and named all bar three of them. I was damn proud of that, considering I can’t remember the last time I watched a grand prix all the way through!

    James – ok, that’s a good reason for the name I guess. I’ll let you off this time. I’m now off to get my head around bkkeepr. I’m reading respectable books again, so I won’t be embarrassed by flooding it with the trashy chick lit I’ve been binging on lately! And welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments 🙂

  5. I was feeling a bit down when I thought “oooh, roast!” and came over here to enjoy some links and previews and general amusement.

    I must say that even in America we are taken aback by the car + gun deal. Though, for some reason that worries me less than a government agency saving every phone and/or email I ever write (Oh, hello Google).

    I enjoyed his last three films, so I’m looking forward to seeing Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.

    Thank you for the roast!

  6. Abi, that has to be one of the nicest comments I’ve ever had, thank you! You’ve totally made my afternoon of slogging in front of the keyboard instead of watching cars go fast round a circuit worth it.

    I hat to admit it, but the presence of Hugh Jackman is making me want to watch Australia more than I might other wise… So I’m a sucker for rangy bushmen in bad hats. Sue me!


  7. Firstly, the Roast title – is it from Doomsday? If so, I had a small disagreement with our resident budding film director, Steve Churchett about this. He knows his zombie/apocalypse movies but I’d like to think I know a little more about cars. He said it was a Bugatti and I’m positive it was a Bentley Continental GT that was being chased by a 1970’s Police Rover Vitesse (I know, it’s ludicrous). Um… if that’s not where the title is from, then this whole rant is a little superfluous!

    Also, I may be alone here but I think the free pistol with every car is a great incentive to buy. You’re waiting for the punchline, aren’t you? Well, for once I’m serious 😀 Ask Neko!

  8. Alas, the title is not from Doomsday. Rather, it is from Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson was driving a Bugatti Veyron and was trying to get insurance for it – the people on the phone line couldn’t find his car listed, and kept asking if it was a Rover… Hilarious.

    Well, I found it funny 😛

    And a gun with a car?! OK, explain to me, please, how that is a great incentive?

  9. Sorry Abi, no offence at this … it’s a good idea because it allows more Americans to shoot their own town signs 😛

    Anybody that’s seen the Top Gear American road-trip will hopefully know what I mean! 🙂

  10. jinx – oh, that show was sheer genius! Not as good as the one where they drove across Africa, but pretty awesome none the less.
    (And welcome back to the comments after being away a while 🙂 – yes, yes I stalk my commenters and pay attention when you say things)

    Neko – these are the kind of people you are introducing me too down the pub!?! I am shocked, shocked I say! 😉

  11. Hey, thanks Cas. I’ve been here, watching in the wings. Things have been a bit busy round here recently to enter stage right and say something 😛

    Congrats with the more regular posting thang by the way!

    Now then, which way is stage left…

  12. Busy, I can appreciate that. I shall let you slink back to the shadows, and look forward to the next time to care to grace us with your presence, for you always have interesting things to say 🙂

  13. Hey! How is me liking guns a worry? They’re a lot safer in my hands than with your average Joe Public. Well, “safer” is a relative term, at least I’ve been trained to use them properly.

  14. OK, so “safer”, I’ll agree but…

    We’re not going to agree on the guns, so let’s just leave it, shall we? They have their place I am sure, but that place isn’t being handed out on garage forecourts.

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