Sunday Roast: I’m a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists

Honey, I’m home!

Sort of, kinda, very nearly.

Charting the ongoing return of Cas (I have been very firmly, boring old Claire Louise the last month or so), I think my true personality might be pretty much back. On Thursday morning one of my lovely colleagues pointed out that I still didn’t seem like my usual self, very quiet and unengaged (which is true). Then I had a run-in with Occupational Health shortly after that converation. I don’t like Occupational Health. I do understand rationally that they have a role to play and that they are, in general, good people there to help. But I just don’t like them and every contact I have had with them has been negative. However, I had to go see them on Thursday, so go see them I did, determined to keep as open and a positive a mind as possible.

A little over an hour later I returned to the office and let fly to a rant of epic proportions.

A rant along the lines of how I had just wasted an hour of my life with a fat, supercilious, patronising cow who had insisted on prying into every aspect of my personal life and medical history stretching back to when I was 14. And yes, I did actually use those words, which earned me some respect from the new EDLO in the office. As a side note, we have a new EDLO in the office, and very nice to look at he is too. Sadly, as they all are, not single, but you can’t have everything in this world.

The same colleague who had commented on my quietness just that morning just looked at me, grinned, and said “she’s back”. And you know what, I think I am. So thank you Occy Health for giving me a reason to get mad again.

Other than that, who saw Dr Who last night?!!!!! I didn’t watch it live as I was dozing through the aftershocks of a migraine that struck out of no where at Saturday lunch time, but I could hear Moose gasping at the TV in the living room and her incredulous “No….!” as the credits rolled and the Crazy Canalman was on the phone straight after with a “NO!!!!!”. I sat down to watch the video with my morning cup of tea just now and all I have to say is “No…!” Or more crudely “fuck a duck!”

I won’t go into any spoilers but roll on next week, that’s all I can say!!!!!

Which brings us to the links. I’ve been collecting them as usual since the last roast but it looks like as far as the internet is concerned, I am not quite back to standard operating procedure, because I am still damn hard to please! The links that have made it in this week, they are great 😀

When something can make me giggle at the moment, you know it has to be good. I am SO glad this sort of thing happens to people other than me

Rarely have I come across a better description of what blogging means to me


With my concentration shot and my mood as black as a very black thing, I have been reading a LOT of chick-lit, regency romance, and trashy thrillers lately. You know you have been reading a LOT of books when you take the latest stack back to the library and the librarian comments on the amount and speed with which you have been devouring the books! I refuse to be embarrassed because It re-boots the mind and heart after plodding round life’s treadmill day after day… it gives us hope, energy and makes us laugh

Is the internet changing the way we think? I put this link in here with no further discussion simply because I want to be able to find it again when my brain is working and I can actually do the topic justice!

Bonekickers. As Moose queried when she heard me wailing in disbelief at the trail the other night, I am not sure if this looks so bad because I am an archaeologist, or because it just looks so bad! But it’s from the Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes people, and both of those were sheer genius (and, coincidentally didn’t have very good trails either), so can it really be as bad as it looks?!

And some movies because where would we be without some trailers?
My Best Friends Girl

Red Roses and Petrol

The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button – warning, Flash site

The Long Shots

C’est tout. I am now off to Waitrose to buy some disgustingly healthy food for next week. I hate being forced to be healthy. Silly body. *grumble*

18 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I’m a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists

  1. It is a big stretch for a Father to be reading a daughter’s blog. Somehow I can never get used to seeing the F word in print, especially from that source, or I am just being old fashioned. The alternative of “sexually abuse a waterfowl” is more forceful, requiring a degree of erudition to interpret. Or should I shut the f… up and get back in my box?

    Dr Who was indeed a blast. I would like to suggest a bet on one outcome but I fear it would give the game away to those who have not seen the episode.

  2. Doctor Who was awesome. I forgave Russel T all his previous plotholes, then had a scary sf dream about the Daleks this morning.

    I am amazed to hear that Bonekickers is made by the AtA and LoM team. I had already more or less decided not to watch it due to the awfulness of the trailer – I hate all those headshots which scream “really really significant moment” at one – but I may have to give it a shot. Maybe it will turn out like Primeval; ie vaguely irritating but you get sucked in by the end.

  3. Moose – David the Penguin! What a genius name! And yes, we will at least be watching the first episode of Bonekickers. Then possibly the rest of the season like we did with Robin Hood, because we just couldn’t believe it was that bad!

    CCM – sorry, I do try and keep my language more or less clean, but on occasion, the F-word is called for. And no suggesting the outcome. I want to keep guessing!

    Strop – you know, I’m starting to get bored with the Daleks. I mean, will the damn things just never die? It’s almost like they’re sitting round in the writers room, can’t think of a monster for that week, so its like “Oooh, let’s bring the Dalek’s back again”.

    They were still scary though.

    I am still desperately trying to hold off on the judgement of Bonekickers, but it’s proving hard. Poor Hugh Bonneville. Does he really deserve to be inflicted with the floppy coat, hat, and librarian credentials of Giles from Buffy?

    Then again, I did have a bit of a thing for Giles in the later seasons…

    Welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments as well, Strop 🙂

  4. Welcome back! And thanks for sharing these internet finds — I adored the story about having to borrow both milk and tea from neighbors.

    I look forward to Doctor Who Season 4 being on DVD so I can see what all the fuss is about… I hate not having BBC America.

  5. Oh I’m saving Doctor Who until the finale next week then I’m going to watch it together back to back. You know it’s all got to be forgiven when they throw everyone together in with the Daleks. No one can go wrong there.

  6. Good to see you ‘kinda very nearly’ back to your normal (ish :P) self Cas!

    Now, Occupational Health – correct me if I’m wrong…

    Aren’t they the health ‘professionals’ paid to tell you being sat at a desk all day is bad for your health, while sat firmly planted on a chair, perhaps also behind a desk? 😛

    If so, surely they’re getting into a vicious circle? Occupational Health practitioner for all the other Occupational Health practitioners..?

    I’m confused! No wonder the NHS gets short of cash!

    Cheryl – I don’t think you’re missing much else from BBC America.

    According to a friend stateside, aside from the sporadic scattering of episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood, BBC America generally shows the same generic format daytime rubbish we’re supposed to put up with.

    Hours and hours of it!

    After my friend had told me the schedule for BBC America, her response was “And you wonder why we Americans think you British people are weird”

    The cheek of it!

    So, is anybody ready for 4 straight hours of Cash in the attic? 😛

  7. Dr Who was bloody brilliant. A regular Who-gasm!

    That said, I’m looking forward to future seasons under Steven Moffat, as the Library two-parter was just so well written and done. Shame we probably won’t get to see River Song again, as she’s probably many decades into The Doctor’s future.

  8. Cheryl – oooh, it’s worth the wait, I assure you! There were a few throw-away episodes, but on the whole, season 4 has been rather suspensful.

    Edrei – I admire your restraint! There’s no way I could have saved last weeks episide.

    jinx – 4 hours of Cash in the Attic?! I can think of few fates more terrible.

    Ol’ Surly – I am looking forward to Steven Moffat’s leadership, bar one thing: he has a slightly weird relationship towards the women in the shows he has written to date. That, and he keeps revisiting the same themes over and over! Ah well, wait and see.

    Esther – Dr No is also a good choice!

    And thank you for all your “Welcome Back’s” people 🙂

  9. can you expound upon that? Cause I’m looking through is credits ( “Empty Child”/”Doctor Dances”, “Girl in the Fireplace”, “Blink”, and now “Silence in the Library”/”Forest of the Dead” ) and I’m not seeing it.

  10. I too wailed at the trailer for Bonekickers…you can’t ‘sex up’ archaeology, not matter how much you try – as I believe Time Team has more then proved to us. If it is not delivered by a beardy man in a woolly jumper, then it just isn’t believable, credible or worth listening to!

    Also, who at the BBC though ‘there’s a bit of a glut in archaeological drama…’? Ah well, we’ll see…

  11. How can you NOT have had a thing for Giles, right from the start? My crush got even worse once we found out about his past….

    Not a patch on my crush on Faith though.

    I saw the last 10 minutes of Dr Who, dammit… need to watch it tonight on download methinks, in preparation for tomorrow night. I’m so looking forward to Moffat- his episodes have been great. He does sort of seem to have a Whedon complex- confused youngish girls save the day….

  12. And I think I should stay away from the CCM (hello Cas’s Dad!) when watching bonekickers… I think it is going to make me very cross….

  13. Surly – I have an explanation, but my brain is a bit fried right now. I will do my best to write it up in the next few days 🙂

    Bimbostar – the very idea of trying to “sex up” archaeology just strikes me as plain wrong!

    Welcome (at last!) to Bright Meadow and the comments though 🙂

    Neko – Giles, Faith and Spike… Angel was always too prissy for me. I also liked Wesley when he cropped up in Angel – he looked better with a few rough edges knocked into him.

  14. Ah Spike… William the Bloody (Awful)….. mmmmmmm

    /this is a service announcement. Neko has gone to her melty place/

  15. You too!!? I yelled at the TV when The Doctor said that line. It had occurred to me before that the TARDIS could put archaeologists out of business…

    Alun Salt sent me a link to a trailer for Bonekickers. Wait till they make a lame copy of it for US TV.

    (I saw Ian Hodder speak once and he reminded me of Giles for some reason. 😉 )

  16. Don’t mention Ian Hodder to me.

    Just don’t.

    Memories of my undergrad dissertation are right now coming back and torturing me all over again thanks to that man and his writing.

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