Sunday Roast: I’m gonna need a bigger spatula

Ooh, it is a Sunday and I am willingly writing a Roast. I must be getting better! Actually, the week has been a bit pants, but with the aid of lots of tea and cookies it is looking up and I am all set to take on next week and whatever it has to throw at me.

God help all of us.

This week is a collaboration between Moose and myself – she is responsible for the lions share of the links, movies (and cookies). I am just here for the witty repartee and the washing up. Once again, deity defend us. I’ll stop blaspheming now and get on with the show, promise.

We Brits do like to grumble about the NHS, but then you look at the impact it has had on our lives and realise it could be a lot worse.

I have made a few little snits in the past about how Steven Moffat, great writer though he is for Dr Who, does have a couple of foibles. Ol’ Surly challenged me to defend my thesis and my brain just fell flat on its face. I give you this summation instead. (A few spoilers/teases contained for those who haven’t seen Season 4 yet).

My dream e-book reader? Certainly the Readius is the most portable and funky of the ones to date. It certainly beats the Kindle into a cocked hat, looks wise.

I know it is not very professional to be jealous of your colleagues, but I am. I am emerald green with envy: the latest EDLO is shortly going off on his travels, and more to the point he isn’t taking me with him. Damn him. 😉

I have been reading a lot of vampire novels lately, partly because even I was getting sick of a steady diet of regency romances, and partly because the local library has been on a spending spree (each library in the city network has a genre they major in, and at the moment the paranormal is top of Portswood’s list). So for me finding a bat in your bra seems strangely appropriate. Odd, but appropriate. (And how can you NOT have realised there was a bat in there?!)

Now tell me slugs aren’t scary?

I like audiobooks – they are great for long car journeys – but I never listen to them in everyday life. Something about just sitting there, listening… I can’t do it. I need to fiddle and being doing something with my hands. Glad to hear I am not the only one. Perhaps I need to take up knitting or something?

The Moon was mistaken for a UFO. So many Welsh jokes, not enough time.

For Abi, who I have been neglecting shamefully lately, lots of movie trailers:
Burn After Reading


Quantum of Solace – quote of the week has to be Moose when she introduced the trailer with “He’s got a big gun! And that’s not a euphemism!” I shall just content myself with “Mmmmmm, Daniel Craig”


The Day the Earth Stood Still

Miracle at St Anna


And whilst I leave you digesting that little lot, I am off into the kitchen to invent a recipe for ginger cake. If it works, I will share, but I am a little dubious. They’ve got to go into work tomorrow for someone’s birthday, so no pressure!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I’m gonna need a bigger spatula

  1. I’m intrigued by The Day the Earth Stood Still. Can Keanu pull it off and maker a better version (or at least and equal version) where so many have failed when remaking a classic? Probably not.

  2. NHS in numbers – isn’t it interesting that most disease has decreased, but cancer has increased.

  3. Cas, glad to hear things are starting to look up.. you’ll be back to your normal self in no time! I’m sure tea and cookies in ample quantities can greatly help you along with that!

    So then, this cake of yours.. Did it go down well?

    Moose, I personally believe the increase in cancer has a lot to do with earlier prevention, screening and possibly better treatments.
    However, I think the increase in pollution is also a major factor!

    It can’t exactly be blamed on too many people smoking now can it..?

  4. The io9 link isn’t working, but yeah I saw that the other day trying desperately to get some kind of Who fix.

    And given what happened to Bobbs I think the NHS can go shove something unpleasant up its collective arse X(

  5. Jinx, I agree that there’s a lot more awareness and detection of cancer, and that many deaths are now attributed to cancer that previously wouldn’t have been. However, the same can be said for most other forms of disease.

    Ol’ Surly, my nephew is alive today because of the nurses and doctors of the NHS who looked after him when he was born 9 weeks premature and had one problem after another. He’s now 11, plays rugby, reads even more than Cas and wants to be a scientist. They may not always get it right, but they don’t always get it wrong either.

  6. Keanu actually act? *sharp inhalation* I thought he was content just to be a pretty face now.

    Jinx – yup, the cake went down VERY well. The recipe is here if you are in the baking mood.

    Ol’ Surly – you getting Who withdrawals? Poor you. I’m actually not to bummed at the end of the series. It was good but something about how it ended left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Right now I am certainly not as eager for the next season as I have been the last couple of times around. I feel it is time for something new, a revamp to the revamp. Will I still feel like this when they bring it back in 2010? Wait and see – hopefully I will still be blogging here at Bright Meadow so you can check up and see!

  7. I saw a trailer for the Quantum of Solace the other day and you know what? Before I could say *anything*, someone said, “Yes Nick – we know it’s an MP5 and it’s not designed for that purpose”…

    Am I becoming overly predictable?

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