Sunday Roast: never eat more than you can lift

Before you ask, no I am not going to tell you how the job interview went. It went, leave it at that. Job interviews, like exams, are things I am notoriously bad at judging. I think I’ve done awfully and I pass with flying colours; conversely, I think I have done well and I crash and burn spectacularly! I will find out when I find out and then I will make whatever decisions that need to be made.

(To tell you the truth, I am all excited and looking forward to the next adventures that await come the middle of September. Scared witless, but excited).

Looks like this week is Movie Week here at Meadow Towers. *rubs hands together in glee* Lots of lovely, yummy movies to look forward to down the bottom of the roast. There are also a few other things that have grabbed my attention round the net this week, so read on…

For Neko

I can’t think of a good intro to this, other than it is a damn gorgeous photograph: Bubblicious

Possibly my favourite tumblr entry ever

Some random thoughts on ebooks – there are some interesting points in there, mainly about the pricing. I want an ebook reader, I really do. I’ve started rereading The Baroque Cycle by Stephenson. Brilliant books, but at over 900 pages each, even the paperback versions are a trial to read with my wrists at the moment. A nice, portable ebook version? Bliss and would have kept me occupied on this weeks mammoth train journey!

As Moose said when she sent me the link, nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Continuing our conversation about bees and the perils of honey farming, Himalayan bees with 3 meter nests!

And those movies I promised:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – spine tinglingly evil and dark. Love it 😀

Death Race – so I like me a bit of Jason Stratham, plus the whole thing is one big car chase with lots of explosions. What’s not to like? (Yes, I am your dream girlfriend right now, aren’t I? 😉 )

Rachel Getting Married – DVD material, but intriguing

The Spirit – I am so conflicted over this movie! It looks like it is going to be mindblowing visually, but is that enough to make a decent movie?

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist – a bit of light candy floss for the mind. Again a DVD when the library has their 2-4-1 offer.

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa – thank you for flying penguin air

Ballet Shoes – this was on the TV last christmas here in the UK, and it is a really sweet adaptation of the book. Well worth it. I can even (almost) forgive the one major deviation from the book as it does make for a more modern happy film. Maybe.

Babylon AD – the teaser I saw for this a few months ago was better, but this still looks like it could be fun. See my afore mentioned comments re Death Race and apply them also to Vin Diesel and this film…

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: never eat more than you can lift

  1. LEMURS!!!! I now have to go comment at Jay as well. lemurs ROCK. They have stripedy tails….

    Lady you are going so soon! Where have the last few months gone? Must stock up on Cas-y goodness before you leave us… whtachoodoin at the weekend missy?

  2. Oh, and the Spirit is going to be good…how much do you know about it? He was created by Will Eisner (who the Eisner awards are named after)… now I know you’re a geek after my own heart so I probably don’t need to explain it at all, but it’s like the grandaddy of noir comics… and with Miller writing/directing? It’s going to be good 🙂

    Stationery gazing is good in independent stores, but I’m struggling to think of any at the moment. I found an amazing one full of handmade paper, glass pens and old fashioned quills in Florence the other summer… surely there is something similar in London?

  3. I knew you were a fan of the lemurs 🙂

    I actually know very little about the Spirit. I am sure the Eisner original is awesome, and I will agree that Miller is a spectacular visual artist and writer. However, I had issues with Sin City. Visually it was a masterpiece. The storyline and how it was shot however was just TOO faithful to the graphic novel, not fitting the movie format that well.

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