From the West Wing: like a cat in a tumbledryer

We’d known it was coming for a year, but moving out of Meadow Towers was a strange experience.  A friend of mine likened it to a divorce, and in many respects it was (a happy “we’re still friends” divorce though, not an acrimonious “if I ever see you again I’m going to rip your head off and feed it to the dog” divorce).  It took time to disentangle our possessions (Moose – “Is this casserole dish yours or mine?”, Cas – “I own a casserole dish?”).  We took bags and bags of things to the local charity shops.  We spent days packing boxes and moving.  And at the end was a very clean, very empty flat.

And so we’ve moved on.  What an adventure a new home is!  There’s working out how you get hot water in your shower.  Trying to guess what’s the strange tapping noise in the bathroom.  Pondering the great mystery of why you can only get the ITV and Channel 4 channels on Freeview on a Friday night.  Meeting the neighbours.  Trying to explain to said neighbours that the reason the recycling hasn’t been collected for 3 weeks is because they keep putting plastic bags in it.  I could go on and on.

I’m off to prepare for a royal visit.  The grand-parental unit is coming for an inspection of the new place, got to make sure it’s looking spic and span or she’ll disown me.

6 thoughts on “From the West Wing: like a cat in a tumbledryer

  1. To be truthful, it was more “I own a casserole dish?! When the F*** did I get a casserole dish?!?!?! What on EARTH would I even DO with a casserole dish???!?!?!! Um, you want the casserole dish?!

    And it wasn’t that clean a flat if the inventory is to be believed. We dared to leave dust, don’t forget!

    I think the strange tapping noise in the bathroom is made by the Freeview Gremlins, who come out at night and dine on the freeview signal, so you don’t get any the next day. You only get the C4 and ITV channels on Friday because on Thursday night they all go out for a curry and aren’t very hungry when they get back.

    Good luck with your grans visit 🙂

  2. It would be too easy to slip into a rant about inventory clerks, so I decided to leave te whole dust issue alone.

    Interesting theory about the Freeview Gremlins.

  3. Possibly. Though I think last Thursday’s curry must have given them food poisoning because I’ve had ITV all weekend this week.

  4. Oure freeview gremlins crash our digibox right when something important is happening in whatever you are watching, flip the TV back to normal TV then turn it back on again about 5 mins later and always to some horrendous lifestyle channel. I really think they are actively trying to make me more stupid!

  5. Maybe mine are spending more time feeding on your freeview, because I’ve got my ITVs and Channel 4s more often these days. It usually crashes while I’m watching the Simpsons though, possibly as a complaint about having to watch the same episodes again and again.

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