Sunday Roast: When was the last time you went Wahoo!

Seriously? Think back. When was the last time something made you go “Wahoo!” involuntarily? If it has been a long time, then you need to do something about it, because everyone needs a Wahoo! moment.

For the curious, I have had not one, but two, Wahoo! moments in the last week. It has been a good week 🙂

I don’t actually own any Threadless t-shirts, because the cut is all wrong (I detest things tight to the neck), but this design is just awesome!

I want this chair. The chances of me ever getting this chair? Slim to none, but I still want it. Or one of them Aeron thingies. Or actually, I’d just settle for a properly adjustable one that doesn’t make me feel like a tactical device has exploded in my lower back after I sit in it for more than half an hour 🙁

I remember Windows 3.x with great fondness. It was my first ever OS. To be sure I had played on the few earlier machines my brother and father had, but it was 3.x which was installed on the first PC that was mine (one of my brothers cast-offs). So it saddens me to hear Microsoft are finally stopped licences. Also though, I am amazed it’s kept going so long!

There is a new study under way to see how yoga helps with bad backs. Anecdotally, I would agree – my back has always been better after periods of gentle, toning exercise, not just yoga. Which is why it is a bugger that the cheapest yoga sessions I can find in Oxford are £8 a time. Roll on the New Year and the gym opening up at work, that’s all I can say!

And this one from Moose. As she says, the My Name is Earl effect?

Roll on the movies…

Valkyrie – I am really on the fence about Tom Cruise. As a person, I think the man is a twit. As an actor, he does have moments. More to the point though, I think I want to see this film, because I am just intrigued as to how they go about simply telling the story.

Confessions of a shopaholic – yes, bubblegum fluff, but the trailer made me laugh out loud a few times, and that is always my benchmark to putting it in the roast. Definitely a DVD though!

Angels & Demons – I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS FILM. I just had to say that off the plate. Also, I have never seen The Da Vinci Code and have very little desire to see that either. What amuses me about this though is that A&D is meant to be the PREQUEL to TDVC, but it’s being packaged as a sequel. Someone watch the film and tell me how it goes please?

So I shouldn’t find Leo DiCaprio attractive, I really shouldn’t. He isn’t my type, all that pretty-boy-ness. But… *whimper* I am finding him attractive, and a damn good actor!
Revolutionary Road – if I can get memories to Titanic out of my head, Winslet and DiCaprio make a brilliant pairing.
Body of Lies – bad facial hair not withstanding, some tasty action. Plus an aging Russell Crowe. Could be worse…

Nobel Son – just… so screwball it hurts!

And that really is it for this week. The time has come for me to emerge from my nest of blankets and face the cold, wet, windy day to buy some groceries. Bleck.

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  1. Just to warn you, I’ve read the book of Revolutionary Road and it’s not a fluffy story, so book in Confessions of a Shopaholic to watch afterwards (which does look very silly). 🙂

    So what made you Wahoo!?

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