Sunday Roast: I am just a bit undone

Oof. This hasn’t exactly been the best week ever in my life. Can I just say, IBS sucks? Those of you without it, thank your lucky stars! When an evening ends up with you being carted to the walk-in centre at nearly midnight by your poor landlord, you know things are pretty dire. Which leads me to a related rant about the idiocy of putting lactose in pills for IBS, when dairy is a very common trigger!

Stupid bloody drugs companies and stupid bloody pharmacist not checking before she gave me the prescription. I managed to find an alternative drug, but it is only designed for short-term intervention, not longer term like the one my GP proscribed. Once again, my body is its own worst enemy, and I shall be having to investigate alternative therapies. At least recent studies show peppermint oil is still effective. And to be fair, I would rather natural remedies over constant pill-popping, if I have a choice in the matter.

Thanks to Moose for this link (it happened during my gastro-intestinal hijinks, so I missed it): a church in Russia is stolen. How did they NOT notice it was getting smaller, day by day?!

Jane Eyre rates as one of my all-time favourite books and graphic novels are a format which intrigues me, so Jane Eyre, the graphic novel sounds absolutely lushious. Christmas is just round the corner, *hint hint* (the proper text version, not the simplified)

You’ve all seen Wall-E, right? Well, if you haven’t, the film is very good and the robot is just the avatar of adorability. But, is it possible, that Burn-E is cuter? He response at the end, and the other robot’s response to him… Awesome!

Why are authors so obsessed with their cats? [And yes, the blocked writer in me also wants a cat. Good to know in some things I am conventional]

Can’t find earrings you like? Make your own

I am having a graphic novel/geek binge this week, clearly. Well, these things happen. Yummy previews of new Coraline film

We’ve all read those books where, whatever happens, you KNOW the hero isn’t going to die. One recent book both Moose and I read (Six Sacred Stones) “killed” the main character in the middle of the book, gave him a miraculous escape, then cliff-hangered on another apparent “death”. Come on, we both shrieked independently as we reached the gripping climax. There’s no way the author would kill him off – he clearly lacks the balls and skill to continue the story without this pivot. So it pleases me to find authors willing to kill main characters off. (I am also reminded of the very start of Buffy the Vampire Slayer [tv], where one of the main circle of friends gets vamped in the first episode. Jos Whedon wanted to send the message that anything could happen in this show)

A beautiful short story to bring a lump to your throat: Little Gods

I want a FreakAngels tank. I don’t want to pay $30 in postage. *grumble grumble* (I also want the throw, but that I can rationalise less easily)

One for my brother – a movie of World War Z, the book which had the pair of us discussing the best weapons with which to survive a zombie apocalypse (and whether it is better to just give in to the inevitable or go down fighting)

Told you I was in a geek-phase: yummy looking Ignition City, the latest offering from Warren Ellis, is also wetting my tastebuds

Seven Pounds – it is not often I can watch a movie trailer these days and DON’T get the entire plot. But this one has hooked me

Cadillac Records – I’m a sucker for a movie with songs, I’ll admit it

And with this small, but perfectly formed Roast, I am going to down tools and head out into Oxford to see what lovely surprises Sainsburys has to offer. Joy!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I am just a bit undone

  1. Quite a nice selection of interesting links! I found David Coe’s rationale for killing off characters particularly thought-provoking (so much, in fact, that’s I’ve bookmarked it for future reference). Thanks for sharing!

  2. And thanks for stopping by Cheryl – it’s comments like yours which make me keep spending hours of my Sunday writing these posts 🙂

    And that site has some great articles on it, mixed in with some posts which give a vicarious glimpse into what it is like to really be an author.

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