Sunday Roast: would you be kind enough to exhibit the money?

Bonjour, mes amis. How are you today? You find me fighting a small fit of the winter greys. It has just been a very grey week, though enlivened by a flying visit from Moose. I wish I had something exciting to tell you, but a general air of ennuie seems to have settled over my little corner of Oxford. What with everyone being disgustingly industrious and working hard to meet various deadlines, I have no one to play with right now *sob*

So I shall rifle my way through the few lovely links I have found this week, then huddle in a corner and ply my muse with lots of tea. Perhaps then I’ll get something written and to show for this un-asked-for hermit-like existence.

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet about the strangest things. Right now, I am just craving a huge Victorian shawl. Like this one. Or this one and this beauty. Why? I really can’t explain it, but I want one to wear. Jumpers and cardigans are just so, so… normal. The problem is where to get one? Even a fake one (because there’s no way I can justify an antique one to wear!) is going to cost a bomb – if I could even find a supplier. Making my own would seem like an option, but the whole point is the fabric, and where would I get fabric of those dimensions?! Help!

A year or so back, BBC3 did an awesome one off called “Being Human” about a vampire, werewolf and a ghost trying to fit into the ‘real’ world. It was, frankly, inspired, but I remember thinking at the time that it was nice for once a show was being done WITHOUT plans to turn it into a series. D’oh, for now it is a series. I’ll watch tonight and feed back how good/bad it is (though damn it, they’ve recast the vamp and he was just the best bit)

With the new resolution to get some writing done, I have enlisted the help of two cheer-leaders/victims. Their jobs are to keep me motivated at the same time as keeping me up to standard. Right now, both are champing at the bit, so I could do with some tips on how to focus. The idea which strikes me most is the schedule. I am fairly disciplined when it comes to Roast-writing, but everything else, including the blog kinda depends on my mood. Hence long periods of silence (sorry). In order to change that though, I have designated “writing lunches” where, at least three times a week, I spend my lunch hours at work doing something constructive instead of just wasting the time.

We’ll see how it goes…

James Marsters as an outlaw alien fighter, all Westerned-up… *swoon*

Moose’s only comment? I like black squirrels

Robin Hobbs is writing a new book set in the Liveship/Assassin universe. Here’s fingers crossed it can wipe the shame of the Solider Son trilogy from my brain

John August does post-apocalyptic America so, SO well.

The evolution of publishing

This one is for the Cheerleader In Chief – a UV skeleton tattoo

A nice bit of quality fiction for you: Selene, by Lilith Saintcrow

Me and handbags have a long history – I have been searching for the *perfect* bag for what feels like forever. Part of what has made it so hard is that I have found it difficult to articulate what exactly it is I want. I know it has to be big enough to hold my Filofax, but small enough to be good for daily/light use. And I don’t want just any old bag, it needs personality. Other than that, I’ve been working on the principle of “I’ll know it when I’ve seen it”. Well now I’ve seen it. I want. I lust. I crave. I yearn. I am just so close to reaching for the credit card, cost be damned. I just wont eat for a month or put the heating on to pay for it. Save me from myself someone!

(The briefcases are gorgeous too, but I just can’t justify that expenditure. Plus I don’t live a briefcase kind of life right now.)

That’s it for the roast. I am off to dream of my bag. Oh, my bag…

One thing more whilst I remember – how the flying fuck did Backstreet Boys get to be so prevalent on my top 25 played list?! Who’s been meddling with my iPod. Come on, fess up!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: would you be kind enough to exhibit the money?

  1. Seconded Jinx! Anything that makes me feel more like Indy is a bonus! Why o why did you not find these when the exchange rate was better dag nabbit!

  2. I’m not sure the exchange rate would make that much of a difference – however you do the sums, it’s still an awful amount to spend on a handbag.

    But I soooooo want one!

  3. That’s nothing compared to what people were spending on designer handbags in the Selfridges sale. One woman (interviewed on the news) was very pleased with her ‘bargin’ bag – just £400 in the sale.

  4. And returning to the squirrel theme – I found out the other day that my manager used to keep them as pets as a child, he had 3 that lived in a hutch with his guinea pig.

  5. Damn you for introducing me to those satchels – I want.

    And as for the victorian shawl – the only place I’ve seen similar fabric in such a large piece is in really nice (thus usually expensive) bed throws. Find one you love and cut it down. Just make sure the pattern won’t sit funny when cut down.

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